Seychelles Maps and Facts – World Atlas

Seychelles Maps and Facts – World Atlas

Phyiscal map of Seychelles with country borders.  Shows the main physical features of Seychelles including the main islands, topography and nearest foreign territories.

large seychelles map

Seychelles is an island country located in the western Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 kilometers east of mainland Africa. It covers a total area of ​​446 km22 (172 mi2), the country consists of an archipelago of 115 islands (of which only 8 are permanently inhabited). It should be noted that the country’s constitution stipulates a total of 155 islands because it considers the many islets, rocks and other reefs distinct.

Granite islands

The Granite Islands, composed mainly of granite rocks, are the largest and oldest islands in Seychelles. It is located in the northeastern part of the archipelago. Mahe is the largest and most populated of the granite islands. It is home to the country’s capital, Victoria. This region is characterized by rugged mountain ranges, with Morne Seychelles, located on Mahe, being the highest point in the country at 905 meters (2,969 feet) above sea level. The lowest point of the country is the Indian Ocean, at sea level, which borders the islands.

Coraline Islands

The Coraline Islands are composed primarily of coral. These islands are flatter than the granite islands, rarely exceeding 10 meters (33 ft) above sea level. Aldabra Atoll, the world’s largest atoll and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is part of this group and represents an exceptional geographical feature due to its sheer size and lagoon. Unlike granite islands, atolls have fewer permanent residents due to their remote location and lower elevations.

Amirantis Group

The Amirantes group lies to the south of the Granite Islands and includes a mixture of atolls and atolls. These islands are generally flat, with white sand beaches that blend into the surrounding Indian Ocean. Desroches Island is the largest island in this group, and as with most islands in the Amirantes, it is characterized by its shallow lagoons and extensive coral reef systems.

Outer islands

The outer islands are located to the south and east of the main archipelago and are primarily atolls. They include the Southern Coral Group, the Alphonse Group, and the Farquhar Group. Due to their great distance from the main islands, these islands are less populated and less frequented. Its geography is characterized by low terrain, vast lagoons and extensive coral reefs.

Seychelles map regions

Seychelles has 26 administrative regions. In alphabetical order, these are Anse aux Pins, Anse Boileau, Anse Etoile, Anse Royale, Au Cap, Baie Lazare, Baie Sainte Anne, Beau Vallon, Bel Air, Bel Ombre, Cascade, English River, Glacis, Grand ‘Anse (on Mahe ), Grand Anse (on Praslin), Inland Islands, Les Mamelles, Mont Buxton, Mont Fleury, Plaisance, Pointe Larue, Port Glaud, Roche Cayman, Saint Louis, Takamaka. The 26th region is the outer islands that have been recognized as a region in recent years by the country’s Ministry of Tourism.

The three regions of English River, Mont Fleury, and St. Louis (shown in the map above) together make up the national capital of Victoria.

Where is Seychelles located?

A map showing the location of Seychelles in the world.

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Seychelles is an archipelagic island nation in the Somali Sea region of the Indian Ocean, located in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth. It is located about 1,600 km off the east coast of Kenya on mainland Africa. It is located to the northeast of Madagascar, another island country in Africa. Other major islands close to Seychelles include the Comoros and Mauritius to the south, and the Maldives to the east.

Regional maps: African map

Outline map of Seychelles

Key facts

Legal name Republic of Seychelles
Seychelles flag
Capital Victoria
4 37 S, 55 27 AH
The total area 455.00 km2
Land area 455.00 km2
Water area nothing
population 97,625
currency Seychellois rupee (SCR)
gross domestic product $1.70 billion
GDP per capita $17401.72

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