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home to Rocket League‘s On opening day, Neo-Tokyo’s rocky tech scene and neon-filled cityscape make a stand out on the square. But rumors lie at the root of these twinkling constellations. Infamous hacker activist Zero-Day has gained access to the city’s digital infrastructure, and though their motives remain unclear, the lower part of the city brims with anticipation of what’s to come.

How will you survive this world of digital disruption? Transcend your garage with Porsche 911 TurboGo to incognito mode with Rocket Pass rewardsand played Soccar in Zero-Day’s corrupt vision New Tokyo.

Season 12 begins on September 6th, no password required!


Race against the machine

One of the most iconic silhouettes in sports car history is coming Rocket League: the Porsche 911 Turbo. This high-level powerhouse has the style and speed to carve out a legendary name for herself. Porsche celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, and the 911 is a timeless example of the automaker’s beloved design.

You will instantly unlock the Porsche 911 Turbo in-game upon purchase Rocket Pass Premium, but once you finish your level a bit, you’ll also earn a version that can only be described as a broad-bodied wild beast. the Porsche 911 Turbo RLE It features oversized bumpers, an eye-catching lip splitter and a stylish LED car emblem at the rear. Even the turbo’s famous tea tray stand receives a huge upgrade! Whichever ride you choose, both cars are used Domino’s Hitbox And it will keep you sailing with its high-speed connection.


Increase your trip

With smugglers roaming the web, you’ll need to upgrade your car to be able to get out at night. Fortunately, this season Rocket Pass Premium I’ve got you covered.

All your aura belongs to us! the Topper’s aura pierced through It adds a 3D look to your car without blocking too much vision, and is perfect for sweaty circuit breakers on the move. You can also get by with some ancient techniques using CRT glyph limits! No next-gen optimizations here, just cool old-school analog electronics.

Have you already locked your presets? Try a new polish for Season 12! the bubble wrap, keyboardAnd Pixel paint finishes All of them will give your ride a completely different look without replacing the elements you love.

Turn the arena into your personal computer paradise with Zero world– Rocket League Goal Explosion’s latest acquisition. Goal Explosions effects will cover the entire arena when you score a goal.


Are you sick and tired of living under the rule of our neurowave guardian overlords? Show your allegiance to all types of cars with Badbeat antenna for Zero-Day, Zero-Day player bannerAnd Zero Day Topper Hologram. grab Infosec promotion And you can start posting the corrupted data in the arena. Be warned, your safety becomes null and void once you accept the Zero-Day Terms of Service.


Capture the circle

For many years, the name Zero-Day was only uttered in the deepest corners of the web. That all changed when a massive data flood hijacked the city’s firewall array, plastering Zero-Day’s masked face across thousands of screens. These hijacked holograms have turned your local Soccar into a place Neo Tokyo (hacked) arena.

Bypass the system

It’s one thing to hack Hyper-Aether Digiwrath MKIV’s security system, but can you record on an open network? Prove your talent in the arena by earning this season’s tournament rewards!

Restart your last gaming device by shaking it roasted antennaor paint all over your car with Graffiti Octane sticker. Looking to mix clean with chrome? We’ve got you covered there, too. Five spoke Saber Wheels-619 Pair its metallic sheen with its smooth handling and just a hint of color. the Saber-619: Inverted wheels It will elevate your look even further if you prefer a full flash of glamor.

If you’re really lucky, you might get one of this season’s Black Market items. Globalism Hypno-Web poster is a robot’s dream, wrapping your car in the latest coding technology (aka a cool-looking electric shield!) you can also land Twisted tornado target explosionPerfect for blowing the competition away.

(((side by side)))

Data drifters

You’ll need the right ride in this city, and getting an item pack is a great way to improve your garage. the Starter Pack Comes with a Purple Tigressa future group of Black vinyl wheelsand much more!

If you want to enhance your look even further, go for it elite package Offers stylish, color-coordinated equipment. the Funk car, Kempe WheelsAnd Blazer Trail All come in green woods, instead New thermal boost Comes in black. Also in black, you get the animation Wet paint sticker. This black market item is a universal decal and can be applied to any non-branded vehicle in your garage.

Season 12 premium Rocket Pass items

digital noise

Neo Tokyo isn’t the only thing that’s been hacked. Some clues are spread throughout Zero-Day messages, decrypted by a nearby gray corporation. It looks as though one of Neo Tokyo’s most popular mod crews is planning to reopen the aftermarket shop tab. There have also been scattered hints that this year’s Halloween festivities will be something to remember. Keep your ear to the ground, we’ll be cracking more Zero-Day codes soon!

Take control of your reality as Season 12 begins on September 6.

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