Seahawks’ McDonald details what attracted him to OC Ryan Grubb

Seahawks’ McDonald details what attracted him to OC Ryan Grubb

Mike McDonald has been busy assembling his staff the last two weeks since landing the head coaching job for the Seattle Seahawks, and that continues this weekend with the addition of offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb.

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Although the team has not officially announced which coaches have been tapped as McDonald’s assistants, it did talk about a few of them in an exclusive conversation with Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salek on Monday morning from Seahawks headquarters in Renton.

So what attracted McDonald to Grubb, who was the OC for the highly-scoring UW Huskies the past two seasons and has apparently decided to stay in Seattle rather than follow former Washington coach Kalen DeBoer to Alabama?

“(Grobb) has been on my radar, watching his team’s performance all season and clearly thinking that a situation like this could happen,” MacDonald said. “And then getting to know him throughout the process and the kind of guy he is — you know, he’s been a winner everywhere he’s been. I think that speaks to his football character and the things that he and Kaline have done over time, and everywhere they’ve gone, they’ve given back Really building the culture where they were and winning right away. “He has that kind of growth mentality, the ability to adapt to the players he has in his scheme, and I just respect the shape of his offense.”

McDonald also shared what his first few weeks were like working with Seahawks general manager John Schneider.

“Well, some people don’t think so, but we’ve been working on our people the whole time, so we’re going through that process,” he told hosts Brooke Howard and Mike Salke. “It’s funny, we came to the facility the first time to be introduced before the press conference (on February 1) and met with everyone briefly, but then we were on the board working on the staff right away. It’s a long process, but it’s been a great process trying to Finding the right people to come and train our team.

In the interview, McDonald also talked about two other coaches reported to be on his staff: defensive coordinator Aden Durdy and assistant coach Leslie Frazier. You can hear that and much more in the podcast at this link or in the video or audio player near the top of this post.

We’ll be doing more Brock and Salk conversation with new Seattle Seahawks coach Mike McDonald here on throughout the day.

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