This week in Zero Particleation, Yahtzee Reviews Sea of ​​stars. And if you subscribe to The Escapist Patreon or YouTube membership, you can watch next week’s episode at starfieldnow!

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The text of the punctuation marks is zero

In these turbulent times, with neo-fascism pinching our toes and climate disasters shaking our hair like an obnoxious relative at a wedding, it’s no wonder we so often turn to nostalgia. He is like a big, relaxed family dog ​​that sits in the corner and constantly eats his illness. How fitting that shortly after the community asked me to review Chrono Trigger, an indie game heavily inspired by it should come out. Sea of ​​Stars, developed by Sabotage, the guys who make The Messenger, is a retro-inspired action-platformer that I think was fairly good, if overwritten with a touch. It might have been better if they moved to classic JRPGs, I think. No one complains when this touch is overwritten. If anything people complain if I get to the end and God hasn’t spoken for three hundred lines about the futility of our struggle and how he certainly isn’t about to hand over his papal orbs to him by force of friendship. Also, The Escapist recently released a documentary on the development of Sea of ​​Stars, so I thought I’d better take a look at it and make sure it’s not full of sick old dogs. Or we’d all have a half-digested ponyo on our face.

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