“Sea Of Stars” will remove the veil of the sequel, its own game of the year

“Sea Of Stars” will remove the veil of the sequel, its own game of the year

The chaos that is The Completionist’s charity scandal has taken on a new dimension. YouTuber The Completionist Jerad Khalil has been accused by fellow YouTubers Motahhar and Karl Jobst of keeping up to $600,000 donated to the Open Hands charity for years instead of actually donating the money.

Khalil, for his part, issued a response in which he said there was no malicious intent and he still has all the money to be donated after “looking for the right basis to send the money to.” At one point, Khalil appeared to threaten legal action against his accusers.

The saga is still ongoing, with Motahhar and Jobst still standing by their claims. But since things are not looking great for Khalil, despite his denial, he faces additional problems. Namely, he makes his big appearance in Sea of ​​Stars, one of the best indie games of the year and a Khalil game. Personal Game of the year, will be corrected. Here’s the statement from the developers, who previously had a close and good relationship with The Completionist.

“A small patch will be live on Steam and sent to consoles soon to replace the NPC creator in Mirth. We have come to this decision after carefully monitoring events over the past few weeks, and while it is not our place to judge, we make it our priority to maintain space for Positive and optimistic, it reflects the spirit of our intentions, whether creative or otherwise.”

Although they are not “judgmental” they are… kind of like that, as they believe there is enough evidence to make an association with The Completionist a negative.

This is somewhat reminiscent of when Call of Duty removed the skin for a NickMercs streaming device for sale after he made anti-LGBTQ comments. His friend TimtheTatman also asked to have his skin removed in solidarity.

It raises the question of whether continuing to partner with streamers and YouTubers to the point of actually putting them in your game is a good idea. While the vast majority may not have any scandal associated with them, these things can come from anywhere, as fans of The Completionist were pretty shocked about these accusations.

To date, these accusations still remain. Both sides appear to be sticking to their positions, and it is unclear what the final outcome will be. But from Khalil’s side, the trend of public opinion seems to be strongly against him at this stage. Maybe more evidence will be revealed, but for now, Khalil is still suffering from embarrassing repercussions like getting rid of his illness.

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