Sea of ​​Stars developers are removing the veil of The Completionist amid charity controversy

Sea of ​​Stars developers are removing the veil of The Completionist amid charity controversy

Carver Fisher

The Completionist has been in a tough spot over the past few weeks following charity fraud accusations made by Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers. As a result, the developers of Sea of ​​Stars chose to remove The Completionist from their game entirely.

Sea of ​​Stars was a massive success in the indie space, with the title allowing many to relive the old glory days of RPGs with a turn-based combat system and pixel graphics reminiscent of titles like Chrono Trigger or older Final Fantasy games.

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The title has won numerous awards including The Game Awards Best Independent Game of 2023, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. People really loved this game, including us. Dexerto gave it a perfect score upon release.

Jirard, also known as The Completionist, has been a fan of the game since before its release, and has been a staunch defender of the title. He even got his hands on the game early to complete it in time for release and considered himself a close friend of Thierry Boulanger, the president and creative director of the studio behind both Sea of ​​Stars and The Messenger.

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However, it will be Thierry himself who will deliver the news that Gerard’s character, Gerard the Builder, will be removed from Sea of ​​Stars following the events around the Open Hand Foundation and his charity fundraising event, Indieland.

The Complementist has been removed from Sea of ​​Stars amid accusations of charity fraud

In Gerard’s video on Sea of ​​Stars, he begins with a story about his love and appreciation for Terry and the rest of the development team, explaining that his previous game, The Messenger, was a big part of the reason he decided to continue his YouTube channel. channel and keep creating content.

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Additionally, The Completionist regularly hosted Thierry at Indieland’s fundraisers, claiming that he gave Jirard “thousands” of keys for The Messenger to give away as donation incentives and that he “handcrafted” demos for Indieland to promote the title through Jirard’s charity . It happened.

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Gerard was vocal about it being the undisputed Game of the Year, and claimed to have told Thierry that the title would “change the world and the landscape of indie games forever.”

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Removing Sea of ​​Stars to appear with The Completionist is more than just a developer removing someone from a game like CoD developers did with NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman, for example. This likely marks the end of the friendship that characterized Gerard Canal.

While neither Thierry nor Sea of ​​Stars developer Sabotage have commented on this patch on social media, they have discussed it on the game’s Discord.

Thierry’s reasons as to why The Completionist was removed were explained in a brief post on Discord. “We have come to this decision after carefully monitoring the events over the past few weeks, and while it is not our place to pass judgement, we make it our priority to maintain a positive, upbeat space that reflects the spirit of our intentions, whether creative or otherwise.”

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At the time of writing, The Completionist has yet to respond to additional allegations made against him by both Jobst and Motahhar, with Jobst going so far as to mock Gerrard and challenge his family to try to sue him.

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