Scientists create an extremely powerful “anti-tumor” drug using calcium

Scientists create an extremely powerful “anti-tumor” drug using calcium


Score one for the good guys in the fight against cancer.

Researchers from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea, have created a powerful chemical formula that can eliminate cancer cells, findings published in the journal Angewandte Chemie reveal.

Scientists have created a promising new anti-cancer drug by manipulating calcium levels in cells, which is supposedly the key to an ‘anti-tumor’ formula.

Having too many calcium ions is usually harmful and will suffocate elements of healthy cellular structure such as mitochondria, which every 9th grade biology student knows are the powerhouse of the cell.

But now, scientists have found a way to use this harmful excess flow to ward off and destroy cancer cells in the body through what they call a “calcium storm.”

A new drug could be a game-changer in cancer treatment. Vitanovsky –

It was also found that exposure to infrared radiation would facilitate the new drug for said storm.

The injectable formulation was tested inside mice that had developed tumors via specially modified silica beads that caused no harm to the rodents.

Once in the bloodstream, the team was able to determine that the drug successfully reached the tumor and was activated in the presence of infrared light.

Within a few days, their tumors disappeared.

Tests conducted on mice showed promising results regarding the new drug’s tumor-destroying capabilities. Applied Chemistry

Now, the research team is optimistic that this formula can also be used for further biomedical research.

The announcement also comes on the heels of a new machine learning-based method to accurately screen for ovarian cancer.

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