Schedule of free fishing days 2024

Schedule of free fishing days 2024

New York State is home to an abundance of freshwater fish, making our state an excellent destination for anglers of all levels.

Whether you’re a first-time angler or a seasoned pro, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) offers resources and programs to help you learn to fish and take advantage of the state’s abundant fishing opportunities.

Free fishing days

One of the most exciting programs DEC offers is Free Fishing Days. These days, residents and non-residents 16 years of age and older can fish without obtaining a freshwater fishing license or recreational marine fishing registration. Children under 16 can always fish for free! Hunting regulations are still in effect these days.

2024 Free Fishing Days Schedule

February 17-18 (President’s Day Weekend)
September 28 (National Hunting and Fishing Day)
November 11 (Veterans Day)

These days provide the perfect opportunity to try fishing for the first time, get back into the sport, or take friends or family fishing. Lack of fishing gear is not a problem. You can borrow fishing gear for the day from one of several providers statewide.

Learn fish clinics

DEC and other organizations offer free Learn to Fish clinics to help new anglers learn about the sport. Sport fishing clinics are run by instructors and provide an excellent opportunity for anglers to learn how to angler.

In addition, formal groups or organizations interested in running free fishing clinics may apply to conduct a free fishing clinic event. These programs encourage the development of hunting skills that promote participation in hunting.

I hunt New York programs

I FISH NY is a program that offers many free programs throughout New York State. These programs include fishing rod loans, group fishing education programs, and in-school programs, among others.

The primary goal of I FISH NY is to increase participation in fishing, introduce new anglers to the sport, and create awareness about the great fishing opportunities in New York State. You can get more details about I FISH NY programs from their website.

Fishing tips and skills

Suppose you are a beginner fisherman and do not know much about fishing techniques, skills and tips. In this case, you can find useful information on the DEC website. This information includes the equipment and gear you’ll need, specific methods to use to target specific species, where to find and search for fish, tips for fishing with kids, and much more.

How-to videos.

To encourage more people to learn how to fish, DEC has produced several “how to fish” videos available on its website, which explain how to start fishing, tie basic fishing knots, fishing gear and worms. The videos also cover the process of casting a spin casting rod, identifying common freshwater fish, and basic tools for ice fishing.

Guides and brochures to get started

DEC also offers numerous guides and brochures on how to get started in freshwater fishing, with titles such as “I FISH NY Beginner’s Guide to Freshwater Fishing,” “I FISH NY Guide to Ice Fishing,” and “I FISH NY Guide to Ice Fishing.” NY freshwater fishing.” Brook Trout Fishing in the Adirondack Ponds” and others. These guides are available on their website.

Regulations and licenses

For the most part, individuals 16 and older need fishing licenses. Aside from the free fishing days and free fishing clinic events, fishing licenses are required to fish. More information regarding hunting license requirements and hunting regulations can be found on the DEC website or by contacting their local office.

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