Samsung’s new OLED TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past

Samsung’s new OLED TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past

Samsung’s third-generation QD-OLED TV, the new S95D, comes with a unique trick compared to its predecessors: it has a glare-free screen that the company claims eliminates any noticeable reflections. This should prevent annoying distractions when you’re watching TV on a sunny day and trying to enjoy your content.

Anti-reflective coatings are nothing new on high-end TVs – Samsung, LG and Sony are all pretty good at it right now – but Samsung appears to have gone a step further with the special panel treatment used here, and it insists there are no negative effects on angle of view or color distortion as a result.

“OLED’s enhanced low-reflection technology uses a new, specialized layer of hard coating and a surface coating pattern to deliver OLED’s beautiful details without glare,” Samsung said in its CES press release. The company claims this is Samsung’s “brightest OLED display yet,” and like last year, the S95D is available in sizes up to 77 inches. It supports refresh rates up to 144Hz and has “AI color accuracy” validated by Pantone.

A “traditional” OLED display on the left compared to Samsung’s anti-glare OLED treatment on the right.

At Samsung’s First Look event at CES 2024, we got a preview of the glare-free OLED display. The company set up a torture test of sorts, with a bright “window” right next to the TV. And in the shot of the rabbit below, you could barely tell that the TV was surrounded by a slew of other bright screens on the demo floor.

Aside from the new glare-free display, you get the same benefits of quantum dot OLED technology that we’ve seen from these Samsung devices over the past couple of years: it can produce richer, more vibrant colors at higher brightness levels compared to traditional devices. WOLED panels (like the ones LG uses), which are somewhat brighter than the best OLED TVs from just a few years ago. The S95C gets rave reviews, and there’s little reason to expect any different from this year’s model — especially now that it should be very visible in any type of viewing environment you can watch it in.

At some angles, you’ll still see reflections, but they’re not nearly as distracting.

The S95D is less than 11mm thick and comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box. You can connect your streaming devices and gaming consoles to this, and everything up to your TV is powered with one clean cable.

Like the rest of Samsung’s 2024 TVs, the S95D runs the latest version of the company’s Tizen software, which allows everyone in the house to use their Samsung ID to get personalized content recommendations. Samsung also continues to aggressively promote its Samsung TV Plus FAST service, which brings together hundreds of free-to-watch channels in one interface.

Samsung is also announcing a recessed S90D OLED that lacks the glare-free finish and a few other design frills of the flagship model, but you can still count on top-notch QD-OLED picture quality. But as always, these TVs still lack Dolby Vision, instead favoring HDR10 and HDR10 Plus.

Photography by Chris Welsh/The Verge

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