Sabine River Surprise – Louisiana Athlete

Sabine River Surprise – Louisiana Athlete

Terry Brack caught a 15-pound largemouth bass while fishing a LiveTarget Erratic Shiner on the Sabine River.

The 15-pound largemouth, Brack, is still shaking his head in disbelief

Terry Brack was just an ordinary fisherman doing what ordinary fishermen do. He went to a place where he thought he could catch some fish, threw out a bait that he knew would catch fish, and fished hard for three hours. This was also without a bite, except for two small bits of goo. Clearly the fish wasn’t biting and he was about to head home.

Then he did something normal hunters don’t do.

Standing on the shore of the turbine channel below the massive Toledo Bend Reservoir dam, Brack hooked up with a completely unexpected fish — a 15-pound largemouth bass that, if certified, would literally blow away the old Sabine River record. water. The fish was 26.5 inches long.

“I literally decided it was time to go home when the big fish struck,” Brack said. “I was fishing hybrids. Normally when the turbines are wide open, you can catch whatever you want. But they didn’t bite. But when I caught this big fish, I thought it was just big gunk. It didn’t show up and it felt like a big old brick when I reeled it in. It was “A long way out and into fairly deep water, and when he got to shore, he fell right back up. When I saw what it was, I was shocked. I’m still amazed by it.”

what should be done?

Brack admired the fish for a moment, then realized he didn’t know what to do. He thought about releasing him, but he died. He won’t even flop his tail. He wanted to weigh it, but it had a long hike up the hill and an even longer drive to a store to weigh it on certified scales. So he took it home, weighed it, and would mount the fish. Brack lives just outside of Leesville.

“I know a lot of people think you have to throw these things back, but I didn’t have that option,” he said. “Some people on social media have been complaining about this, but they don’t understand. I’m not into tournament fishing and I don’t have any fancy equipment. There’s nothing fancy about me at all.”

“So I’m going to enjoy the fact that I’ve got a 15-pound bass and I’m going to hook it up to preserve it,” he said.

The ironic thing about the February 9th trip is that it almost didn’t go. It was raining and he was about to cancel when his wife encouraged him to go and have fun. So he did. When he arrived, he was the only fisherman there, which is very unusual when the dam generates power and the water flows through the Sabine River below the dam.

“I would throw my bait in about 25 feet of water and let the current carry it into an eddy and a little pool of standing water,” he said. “When the bait hits the pool, I start retrieving it. The hybrids usually pile up there and I’ve gotten a few bass up to five pounds to do that, but nothing close to that size.”

Irregular shiner

Brack was fishing with LiveTarget’s Erratic Shiner. The lure is a clear spoon with a life-like inner core that resembles a baitfish.

LiveTarget shiner is wrong

Brack grew up in Evans, right on the river, and fished all the time down the spillway and up and down the river, usually from a 15-foot aluminum boat with a 20-horsepower motor. He also likes to fish with buzzbaits and Pop-Rs when the river is right.

“I still shake my head when I think about it,” he added. “When I saw this big old bass floating up, I couldn’t believe it. I still had to work a sand bar and put it on the bank. I wish I could have done something different, but I wasn’t going to just drop a dead fish into the water and watch it float. And like I said, I’m proud of my catch and can’t wait to go hunt more.

The official Sabine River record is 6.8 pounds and Brack laughed when he found that out. He caught an 8.5-pounder 15 years ago. Although his new fish was not weighed on a certified scale, it was an accurate scale and he hopes it will be certified as a Sabine record.

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