Rune Factory 3 Special: Hunting Guide

Fishing is undoubtedly a key gameplay element in many relaxing games, such as Stardew Valley And animal crossingand have been a staple in these relaxing games for many years.

Games in the beloved Rune Factory The series is no exception, offering a fun and relaxing fishing experience with many fish that players can collect, sell and cook. Here’s everything players need to know to unlock the art of angling and relax Rune Factory 3: Special.

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How to get a fishing rod in RF3:S

in Rune Factory 3: SpecialThere are multiple ways a player can get their first fishing rod, which is the cheap one. This pole is nothing special, but it allows the player to start fishing immediately after receiving it. By advancing in RF3:S, players will unlock the ability to craft higher quality poles that provide more significant benefits.

Complete “I’m Looking for Something” by Barrett

The player can visit Barrett To accept his request “I’m looking for something”, the player must recover a book Barrett lost. The book can be found in the town church, and once retrieved it must be returned to Barrett who will reward the player with a cheap pillar.

Complete “Hunting Lessons from the Master” for Carmen

This request can be accepted by interacting with the city’s bulletin board and accepting the “Fishing Lessons from the Master” request. The player must then head to Carmen At Carlos Beach Resort, where they’ll get the cheap pole and take some private fishing lessons.

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Buy or craft in the blacksmith shop

Alternatively, the player can visit the blacksmith’s shop and buy a cheap pole from Gaius or Raven. This may be necessary if the player is impatient to get a fishing rod but has already completed the character request that day. The player can also craft a cheap pole in the Forge, but it’s likely that the player has since acquired a fishing pole before unlocking the Forge.

How to fish in RF3:S

Hunting in Rune Factory 3: Special

fishing in Rune Factory 3: Special It works in a way that is familiar to those who have enjoyed this activity in other life simulator or farming games. Since the player can get their first fishing rod very early in the game, they can head to one of the fishing locations in the game and start fishing right away. Here are the simple steps to catch fish Rune Factory 3: Special:

  1. Head to any body of water and look for shadows of fish
  2. Press B to release the line into the water, aiming near the fish.
  3. When the fish starts to chomp the fish will squeak, but don’t try to roll yet
  4. When the fish actually bites, it will pull on the pole and a sound will sound as the fish splashes into the water
  5. To catch a fish, press B when you hear this sound.

If using a high quality fishing rod, the player will have the ability to Hold down B to charge their crew before they land their bobber. Charging the cast will throw the line farther, where more rare fish can be caught. This can also allow the player to get closer to the shadow of the fish, reducing the distance needed to approach it and potentially bite it.

While fishing, the player may encounter rare fishes that are very difficult to catch. These fish require very precise timing and the player must press the B button right when they bite, with little indulgence in their response time. If they react too slowly, the fish will run away. To increase their chances of catching a rare catch, players should consider upgrading their fishing rod whenever possible.

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How to upgrade a fishing rod

Forging Rune Factory 3: Special.

there Five different fishing poles Available to two players in RF3:S, each of which requires the player to access a file Specific forging skill level before it is formulated. Upgrading to a better fishing pole will make it easier to catch higher quality fish by expanding the window in which the player can catch a fish.

The player can upgrade fishing poles once the crafting is unlocked and built. This is possible after clearing the game’s first dungeon, Priviera Forest, and traveling to the second dungeon, Sol Tirano Desert, and Talk to Corana In the Univir settlement.

Once the player does this, the sharing tree will grow on the second floor and the player will now be able to Buy the Forge, Workshop and Pharmacy. The player can then Talk to the blacksmith Gaius (or Raven) to build a forge at a cost 5000 gold and 100 wood.

Each fishing rod can be crafted using the previous fishing rod plus a few collectible materials. In addition to these items, the player must also have reached the required Forging skill level, which is increased simply by forging any items.

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All fishing poles are available in RF3:S

Here are all the fishing poles available at Rune Factory 3: Special Along with the materials and blacksmithing skill level required to craft them:

fishing pole

materials for forgery

required. Forging skill level.

cheap pole

level rigging. 5

junior pole

  • cheap pole
  • Sparkle series

level rigging. 15

middle pole

  • junior pole
  • High quality canvas

level rigging. 30

famous pole

  • middle pole
  • 2x tortoise shell

level rigging. 60

sacred pole

  • famous pole
  • 3x fish fossils

level rigging. 80

Tips for fishing in RF3:S

Catching a fish in Rune Factory 3: Special.

While the actual process is relatively simple, catching fish can be challenging for many players to get used to. Here are some tips that may be useful to a player if he is having difficulty hunting Rune Factory 3: Special.

  • The player must try to focus their attention not on the fish in the water but on the tip of their fishing pole instead. The popper will dive several times before the fish actually bites, and it’s easy to get fooled by this and try to catch too soon.
  • There are several different sizes of fish, which players can select based on the size of their shadow. The biggest casts are usually rare or special fish that require great skill and/or a high quality reel rod.
  • Each fish has specific locations where it can be caught, and may only spawn during certain seasons. To find out which fish are in season, the player can talk to Carmen or Carlos at Carlos Resort.

Rune Factory 3: Special Available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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