Report of the primary source of the Washington-Columbia River, on tributary fishing for the period August 28-September. 3

Summary of mathematical sampling of the Washington-Columbia Main River and its tributaries from August 28 to September. 3.

There were 1,467 salmonids and 376 Washington Bank rails that were counted during the Sept. 2 voyage count.

Major Columbia River


Sec 1 (Bonneville) – 139 bankers kept 26 Chinooks and two Chinooks and released one Chinook; 26 boats/73 rails, and 28 Chinooks were preserved.

Sec 2 (Kamas/Washougal) – 12 boats/26 rods retained 14 Chinooks and fired 1 Chinook.

Sec 3 (Area I-5) – One of the bank hunters had no catch; 15 boats / 38 rods kept five Chinooks and one Koho.

Sec 4 (Vancouver) – 66 bankers kept two Chinooks; 45 boats/108 rails held 24 Chinooks, one Chinook, one Koho, and three Chinooks, one Koho, and one steelhead were launched.

sec 5 (Woodland) – 124 Bankers retained 33 Chinooks and released 1 Chinook; 53 Boats/134 Rods kept 58 Chinooks and two Koho and launched 19 Chinooks, two Chinooks and two Koho.

sec 6 (Kalama) – 441 bankers kept 85 Chinooks and released six of them; 53 boats/146 rails held 42 Chinooks, two Chinooks, five Koho, and seven Chinooks launched.

SECOND 7 (COLETTS) – 76 boats/214 rods caught 115 Chinooks, one jack Chinook, three Cohos, and launched three Chinooks and five Cohos.

sec 8 (Longview) – 129 bank hunters kept 16 Chinooks, 1 Chinook Jack, 1 Coho and released 1 Chinook; 142 boats/325 rails held 89 Chinooks, five Chinooks, 14 Koho winches, and five Chinooks, one Chinook Jack, one Koho, and one steelhead were launched.

Sec 9 (Cathlamite) – 34 Bank Hunters retained five Chinooks; 42 boats/105 rails held 30 Chinooks, one Chinook jack, four Koho, one Chinook launched, two Koho, and one steelhead.

Tributaries of the Columbia River


Colitz River from Highway 5 Bridge downstream – 34 rails retained 1 steel head; Two boats/six rods launched 10 Chinooks.

Colitz River over the I-5 bridge – 13 bank rails bearing two steel heads. There were no two boats / eight rails.

Kalama River – There was no fishing for four rods from the river bank.

Lewis River – 17 bank rails retained three coho’s and fired one Chinook winch; Eight boats/15 rails retained four Chinooks and three Koho and fired three Chinooks and 13 Chinooks.

Wind River – There was no fishing for two rods from both sides of the river; Five boats/10 rails held one Chinook and released two Chinooks.

Drano Lake – 31 Rails retained four Chinooks, fired eight Chinooks and one steelhead; 111 Boats/330 Bars held 186 Chinooks, five Chinooks and one Koho, and 41 Chinooks and two Chinooks were launched.

Klictat River Below Fisher Hill Bridge – Nine Banks Bars Preserved One Chinook.

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