Ocean Beach, the gateway to San Diego’s fishing pier.

SAN DIEGO — Three design concepts for the brand-new Ocean Beach Pier were unveiled Saturday, providing San Diegans’ first glimpse into the future of the historic landmark after workshops for its renovation began months ago.

Ocean Beach Pier has served as a fishing spot and lookout point for the San Diego coast for more than half a century.

However, the lifespan of pavement comes with damage and deterioration. By 2018, it was determined that the structure had reached the end of its service life.

Instead of renovating the existing pier, city officials decided that building a potential replacement — a project called “Ocean Beach Pier Renovation” — would be the best and most cost-effective option.

For the past six months, San Diego officials have sought public input on what features the new pier should have, working with local architecture firms to translate preliminary designs shown Saturday.

Each option presented on Saturday can be found below, including renderings and a description of what the structure will contain.

1. “Amblyopia test”

The first option for the new Ocean Beach pier is called the “squint test.” According to city officials, the structure will use the existing pier layout, but will include some changes. “The Squint Test” will have an expanded walkway, an additional fishing deck around a rebuilt café and an additional deck south of the new building. The design will also feature updated restrooms, potential retail space and/or a community room.

According to the city, the design is called “The Squint Test” because the concept “explores carefully sited placemaking and activation strategies to minimize its visibility and preserve the historic and iconic silhouette of the pier as seen from the ground.”

2. “Remora”

The second renewable dock option is called “The Remora.” City officials say it was inspired by “the symbiotic relationship between remora fish and the sharks to which they are associated.” The original layout and design of the pier is highlighted by the design, according to San Diego, which features additions that celebrate the unique coastal experiences and activities that are central to the Ocean Beach community.

“The Remora” will feature a shaded surf lounge area, an enhanced springboard for junior lifeguards, an expanded outdoor dining deck in the reconstructed historic café, integrated fishing facilities and an expanded plaza with a small retail pavilion.

3. “The Braid”

The latest option for the new Ocean Beach pier is called “The Braid” – a reference to the long, linear pier concept. Instead of a single lane, the design will recast the sidewalk into a series of separate but interconnected paths. Along the regular walking route, “The Braid” will include viewing experiences up and down the sidewalk elevation. It will also feature potential retail, dining and community space, lowered fishing areas, improved restrooms, and a curved arm design at the west end to increase the length of the docks.

City officials say this design “will provide visitors with a unique and distinct ocean experience compared to other piers in Southern California.”

San Diegans are encouraged to share their thoughts on the three options by participating in an online survey that will help shape the final design. The survey will be open until October 9th.

“We are excited to share some of the possibilities,” Elif Cetin, assistant director of strategic capital projects, said in a statement. “This effort doesn’t stop here. We need San Diegans to tell us what they like and don’t like about these concepts, as their continued input will shape the final design concept that may ultimately become the next iconic structure in Ocean Beach.”

According to the city, the Ocean Beach Pier Renewal Project is currently in the preliminary engineering and planning phase. The project still needs to go through other phases, including the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, permits from other regional agencies, and design and construction.

A detailed project schedule will be prepared after the preferred design concept is completed.

About $8.4 million in state funding has been allocated to the Ocean Beach Pier Renovation Project, officials said. The city will also seek other state and federal grants.

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