Readers’ Choice – Your Winner is…

Readers’ Choice – Your Winner is…

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

Every year, we organize a vote for the Readers’ Choice Award for Smartphone of the Year. Historically, it’s been easy to predict a winner just by looking at the best Samsung flagships that year, with our readers almost always ending up choosing them. However, in 2022, Google made a breakthrough and took home the 2022 Readers’ Choice Award with the Pixel 7 Pro, a first for any Pixel phone. However, this year, Samsung fans came out in full force to return to tradition and designate the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as the best phone of 2023.

Congratulations to Samsung on this win! The Galaxy S23 Ultra is a beast of a device and truly deserves all the praise it continues to receive. To find out why this phone is so great, be sure to read our Galaxy S23 Ultra review.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hero

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

Best readers of 2023

Now that you know who won the Readers’ Choice Award, you may be curious to know how it happened. We’ve got all the data for you below!

Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
AA Editors' Choice

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

New 200MP main camera • Beautiful display • S Pen functionality

The premium version of Samsung’s flagship line for 2023

Powered by the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 as the smaller models in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers more storage and a stunning 200MP camera. S Pen support and a 6.8-inch display make the Ultra ideal for taking notes on the go.

Elimination round: 32 entries and four exits

Google Pixel 8 cameras, Samsung Galaxy S23 cameras, and iPhone 15 cameras

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

The first round of voting took place exclusively in Robot body. We had a whopping 32 phones in this initial round. As usual, some of the old favorites jumped out right away, but we saw some interesting results for the underdogs as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 made some big strides, receiving 5.4% of the votes. The standard model in the Galaxy S series tends to be the second best-selling model but rarely gets the critical love that the Ultra model receives. So to see it get some support in this seed round was excellent.

It was great to see some underdogs get some important votes in this round.

Likewise, the Google Pixel 7a received some attention with 3.2% of the votes. Being a mid-ranger, the deck was stacked against him, but that obviously didn’t stop people from voting for him. This was great to see!

In fact, the underdog was the OnePlus Open, the company’s first foldable phone. It received a very respectable 5.2% of the vote, and was almost as popular as the vanilla Galaxy S23. Who knows, maybe next year, the inevitable OnePlus Open 2 will make it to the fourth round – or even take home the main prize.

Check out the full elimination round results below, then let’s move on to the final four.

Results from the 2023 Readers' Choice Elimination Round

The Final Four: Tech Titans

Crossfire between Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro

Robert Triggs/Android Authority

Although the underdogs had a huge lead in the elimination round, the final four were largely predictable. The list was dominated by technology giants: Samsung, Google, and Apple. In fact, the bottom four — Galaxy S23 Ultra, Pixel 8 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and Pixel 8 — were identical to 2022, albeit with 2023 variants. And even the results were exceptionally close to what we saw in 2022.

This round was voted on Robot body Along with our YouTube, X (formerly Twitter)and topic accounts. This gave readers four chances to vote. Check out the summarized results across all platforms in the chart:

When we saw these results, we were pretty confident that the Galaxy S23 Ultra would hit the jackpot. However, we also thought that in 2022, the Pixel 7 Pro would end up in the final round. So we tried to keep an open mind.

However, it was clear that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Google Pixel 8 were ahead. The former pulled out some respectable numbers, but the latter couldn’t even crack double digits.

With the final four reduced to just two phones, it’s time for things to get serious.

Final round: The best phone of 2023 in your opinion

Google Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras are within reach

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

Voting for the final round took place in six places: Robot body And our accounts on Threads, X, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This gave readers six places to vote, resulting in more votes in this round than in any other.

Unlike last year, the Galaxy S23 Ultra had this in the bag from the start. Across the six voting platforms, the only place where the Pixel 8 Pro had a chance of winning was here Robot body. Across all our social accounts, the Pixel 8 Pro was far behind. In YouTube’s case, it wasn’t just a contest, as the Galaxy S23 Ultra received an overwhelming 65% of the votes.

Things were a bit more balanced in Threads, where the Pixel 8 Pro received 48% of the votes, which isn’t bad at all. However, the numbers speak for themselves. Check out the data below to see how much the Galaxy S23 Ultra has dominated this year.

Readers' Choice for the 2023 Final Round

This is this year’s wrap! Thank you to everyone who voted, participated and commented on our 2023 Readers’ Choice Award event. It’s always amazing to see thousands of you excited about your favorite phone of the year.

Now, it’s time to tell us how you feel about the Galaxy S23 Ultra winning! Was it deserved or was the Pixel 8 Pro overlooked? Was there another phone that was supposed to arrive at the event before it was voted on?

Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check back tomorrow to see what the Android Authority team picks for the best phone of the year as we crown our Editor’s Choice winner.

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