Rapala Crush City Ned BLT Review

the Rapala Crash City Need plt She is the latest little nugget to enter Ned’s fishing game. This short and sweet treat will get a short and sweet review this week. Let’s dig deeper.

Measuring 3 inches long and coming in a pack of 10 for $6.49, the Ned BLT is a great little bait. Especially for the price point, considering one major thing, which is that each of these lures last a while. Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPE) material, this lure floats and stretches, making it the perfect bait for Ned rig applications.

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Fish can quickly destroy traditional Ned soft plastic baits, so the flexibility of this bait provides a huge advantage. This is nothing new to the industry, as Z-Man Fishing has long offered soft stretch lures in their ElaZtec lineup, including some great Ned offerings.

But the use of these types of materials is something I’m surprised we don’t see more of in bass fishing. And the TPE material used in the Ned BLT puts it in a category with few other materials when it comes to durability. And durability is only half the story of TPE.


TPE also floats, and the Ned BLT is extremely buoyant. This is another trait that the BLT shares with Z-Man’s ElaZtech baits – something that has set them apart from the competition for so long. Look no further, now that Rapala has found a similar material to help the Ned BLT stand up as well as any other bait on the bottom.

Color options

This little bait is available in 16 colors, with many in two colors and a couple more intentionally designed to make the Ned BLT more than just a Ned-rig bait. With colors like Ghost Morning Dawn and Albino Peal, the Ned BLT is also a perfect fit for a projection presentation. The float of the bait here will help it stick out on a more horizontal surface. This also makes him a viable option for Damiki’s platform offerings, despite his faltering tail.

Packaging Need Belt

Packaging and scent

Ned BLT baits come in a pretty tray, housed inside a secure ziplock bag. This helps keep the baits organized and contains the scent impregnated into the baits. In addition to the smell, there is also salt in these lures, which seems paradoxical since these baits float.

Salt is often used to add weight to baits to help them fall. But the amount of salt in the Ned BLT is not enough to counteract the buoyancy of the TPE material, and it is simply used as an additional fish attractant potentially tempting fish to hold on to the bait a little longer.

Conclusion of NED BLT

If you love fishing with Ned gear, the CrushCity Ned BLT is as good as any other bait out there. There are plenty of color options, the lures are very durable, buoyant, and well priced and packaged. Add scent and salt to the mix and you’ve got yourself a great little nugget for catching smallmouth, spots, bigmouth and possibly any other predators on or near the bottom.

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