Ramblin’ Outdoors: Despite the lack of fishing, the Walleye Challenge was fun | Sports

Ramblin’ Outdoors: Despite the lack of fishing, the Walleye Challenge was fun |  Sports

A few friends and I fished that morning anyway. Ice conditions were variable, with 3-6 inches thick in the area we were fishing on the west side of the lake. We caught about 10 grizzlies and a few smaller northern grizzlies, but nothing to write home about. Around noon, we packed up and headed to Lanzi’s On The Lake.

As usual, Route 30 was lined bumper to bumper, 3/4 mile each way. Prizes were distributed for prizes. Six “fish” prizes per hour for eight hours. All sorts of door prizes, from jet skis, to ion drills, to sets of heritage covers, not to mention two side-by-sides and two quads. The $60 entry fee is really nothing when you look at all the opportunities you have to win some high-end to very high-end prizes.

In my opinion, this was the easiest challenge to make a call because the icy conditions were so bad. It’s usually a bit of a toss up as to whether or not you’ll host the event. This year has been difficult. I felt like the contestants took it a little better than usual.

Türkiye’s withdrawal from Long Island is approaching

Even though it’s February and we haven’t reached the turkey mentality yet, take this as a little nudge. Anyone here upstate planning to hunt spring walleye on Long Island, the registration deadline is in about a month. Last year, not one, but two of the top five record book consumers were harvested on Long Island.

All of Wildlife Management Unit 1C, which is all of Suffolk County, will be open for spring turkey hunting. The high demand for spring turkey hunting on DEC-managed lands makes it necessary for hunters to follow specific access procedures to ensure equal hunting opportunities for all.

The DEC asks spring turkey hunters to enter a drawing and make advance reservations before hunting on DEC-managed properties. To enter the drawing, hunters must complete the Long Island State Lands Spring Turkey Drawing Registration Form which can be found by visiting https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/3922b1c73829493889c4800a5926c1cb/. Interested hunters must fill out their name, email address and DEC Agent ID. Once a reservation is completed and submitted, the angler will be entered into a drawing. The deadline to enter is midnight March 20. Anglers will receive a raffle number via email after submitting their reservation. Anyone who is unable to complete the online survey or has additional questions should contact the DEC Region 1 Wildlife office at 631-444-0310 before March 20.

Anglers may submit only one entry. Any individual who submits more than one entry will have all entries deleted from the drawing. Hunting parties are limited to three hunters. Each member of a group of three anglers may submit one entry.

Submit it in a timely manner if you or someone you know is planning to turkey hunt on Long Island.

Shed hunting

This has become a good time to wander the woods in hopes of finding head cover for all the bucks that have managed to arrive during the season. This year’s snowpack is minimal at best, leaving desirable bones in plain sight, but where do I start?

The first thought tends to gravitate towards the bedding areas. Thick stuff is bad and that’s where deer spend a lot of their time.While this is a good idea, for me personally, most of the sheds I found were not in bedding areas. Believe it or not, most of them were in feeding areas or transition areas adjacent to feeding areas. Ask yourself, are there any primary winter food sources on the property where I plan to shed hunt? Primarily corn or soybeans. If yes, this is the best place to start. And if by chance they’re still standing, even better. Search network in it. If you have a friend to help, even better. They don’t stand out as much as one would assume either.

A pair of binoculars can really help focus attention and keep your mind in the right place to spot small deals. I prefer looking on overcast days with very flat lighting, and the contrast between antler and ground/snow seems to be a little better in these conditions.

The best time to search the transition areas is now, when the fully marked runways will still be very visible and dug into the soft ground. Cruise as many of these runways as you can. Follow them until they dissipate and separate. Even if you don’t find any sheds, you will gain greater knowledge about how deer move in your area.

Another thing to mention is tick prevention. Warmer days will bring out those nasty little critters in full force. I end up with more ticks this time of year than any other time. The solution to this ever-growing problem is to treat all clothing and shoes worn outside with a permethrin-containing insect repellent such as Sawyer. I’ve been using this for years, and I can honestly say I’ve never gotten ticks while wearing permethrin-treated clothing. I always end up with ticks that quickly run out to check the situation or do this or that while wearing normal street clothes. Lyme is nothing to mess with. Ticks in our area carry infectious bacteria at a staggering rate of approximately 50%. Yes, approximately 1 in 2 ticks carries Lyme disease. Literally a flip of a coin. Too much risk for my liking. Please, I urge anyone going out to treat their clothing with Sawyer or another repellent containing permethrin. Good luck in your search!

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