PUBG Mobile World of Wonder Dodge Maps are now available

Muscle cars that quantify power and acceleration need a map to match! Go to the PUBG Mobile World of Wonder Dodge maps and feel the roar of Dodge Challenger, Charger and Hornet.

Image across the infinite level

The PUBG Mobile x Dodge collaboration is currently live which brings new car skins. The collaboration brings World of Wonder Dodge Maps to PUBG Mobile, check out creative map codes and more. Go to the latest WoW maps for PUBGM.

Jump into these awesome WOW maps today! Build IDs: 1313309 / 1313311 / 1313312 / 1313316

World of Wonders updates

  • New build evaluation feedback (available gradually after release announcement)
    • Players can rate the creations they have played on the results screen. They can also leave comments for creators.
    • After receiving comments, creators can view and respond to them on the creation page. Good comments can be displayed and displayed to all players.
    • The creation page now displays the creation score and featured comments. Players can leave comments, likes and comments on their creations.
  • Playtest and verify the map

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WOW Editor Updates

  • New gaming devices
    • Bulletin Board Device: Customize text and display it on a small whiteboard.
    • Sound Device: Add sound effects and music cues in-game.
    • Variable Manager: Edit custom variables.
    • Condition checking device: Checking various conditions to initiate specific actions.
    • Dedicated Store Device: Set up an in-game store where items can be purchased.
    • AI Waypoint Device: Determining movement paths for artificial intelligence robots.
    • Character Switcher: Switch to your companion to play, run, jump and more.
    • Random action device: Set up discoverable random actions.
    • Multi-Choice Decision Machine: Set up multiple options for players to choose from and run during the match.
    • Text Reminder: Set up in-game text to be displayed on players’ screens.
  • Improvements to gaming devices
    • Buff UI display in match has been improved.
    • Customize PvE Buff: Implement buffs in PvE gameplay.
    • PvE Management Device: More PvE enemy types have been added.
  • Game parameter settings
    • Comprehensive Data Management: Improve overall management of how data is displayed and resource integration.
    • Variable System: Allows players to customize variables jointly with variable management device and state checking device to flexibly evaluate dynamic logic. It allows variables to be saved and stored on the cloud.
    • Game parameters: Team color information, friend or foe markers, health bars, and marker display system.
    • Settings related to end-of-match conditions, HUD, and results page have been improved.
    • View Settings: Allow players to choose different in-game camera views.
  • Interactive objects
    • Light Sources: Added more light sources that can be placed on the map for Night Mode.
    • Interactive Objects: Objects can now be destroyed.
    • The boost belt, conveyor belt, and water stream can now trigger detectable actions and actions.
  • Decorative and construction objects

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