PRS Oberoi Death News: Indian hospitality veteran Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi dies | Indian Business News

PRS Oberoi Death News: Indian hospitality veteran Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi dies |  Indian Business News

New Delhi: A leading beacon of Indian hospitality — Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi -He died on Tuesday morning. Honorary President of Oberoi Group“Becky” (94), as he was widely known, stepped down as CEO of EIH LTD and EIH Associated Hotels Ltd last May. Son of the late founder of the group Rai Bahadur MS OberoiHe was among the deans who put Indian hospitality on the world map where it is now known to be among the best. Legions of leading hoteliers have graduated fromOberoi The learning and development center he founded in 1967 now holds senior positions in the industry, some of whom have gone on to establish their own brands.
In a statement to his son and nephew Vikram Arjun Oberoi said: “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the peaceful demise of PRS Oberoi earlier today (November 14). A superstar in the hospitality industry, Oberoi’s legacy transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape. As a visionary leader, his dedication has led His unwavering drive for excellence has catapulted the Oberoi Group into global reach.His influence has extended beyond corporate success, touching the lives of countless hoteliers through mentorship and commitment to unparalleled standards.
Carry forward the founder’s legacy MS OberoiBecky ensured that the group sets new standards for Indian hospitality in terms of quality. “However, his impact reached far beyond business accomplishments, fostering a corporate culture rooted in compassion, integrity and genuine care for every member of our organization… While we mourn the loss of a true icon, we also aim to celebrate the extraordinary legacy that PRS Oberoi leaves behind.” Behind him. The statement added: “In the coming days, we will share details of our plans to honor and remember him.”
ITC Executive Director Nakul Anand, 67, described Oberoi as a “perfect gentleman” and fondly recalled an anecdote from a meeting about a decade ago. Becky invites Anand and his wife to his farm to watch a cricket match between India and Pakistan. We were served chicken sandwiches there. Mr. Oberoi told me this has to be the best sandwich I’ve ever had. “I tasted it and said, ‘I beg to differ,’” Anand said. Oberoi then told Anand that he did not think “ITC could do a better job than this.”
“I never mentioned the ITC,” I said. I told him about a sweet shop in central Delhi and he replied that he had never heard of such a hotel before. “My exact words to him were: ‘There is good food outside of hotels,’” Anand said.
The next day, Anand sent a box of chicken sandwiches from those sweets to Oberoi. “He called me a few hours later to say, ‘For once, you are right, Mr. Anand.’ A gentleman to the core (he always referred to Nakul as Mr. Anand despite the age difference). We agreed to disagree on many things but agreed on a sandwich.” “The greatness of a man is reflected in his attention to detail,” said Anand, who oversees the hospitality and travel sector at the International Trade Centre.
Educated in India, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, Becky has received numerous awards including the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian honour, in 2008.
His attention to detail was legendary. While the group has three brands – Velas (Uber luxury), Oberoi (luxury), and Trident – the level of service and personalization is the same across them.
“Mr Oberoi was a legend in the global hotel industry. His idea to build world-class hotels in India was way ahead of its time. He believed in India’s story as much as we do today, except he believed in it 30 years ago.” That’s why he never compromised What he was building. His focus on attention to detail and his dream of creating the best hotels in India will continue to inspire generations and set new standards of service excellence. May God rest his soul in eternal peace,” said Kapil Chopra, who was the Chairman of the Oberoi Group from 2013 to 2018 and then went on to create his own hotel brand The Postcard and several other companies.
“His many achievements have not been adequately recognised. He made the Oberoi a global synonym for the luxury Indian hospitality experience and the first to put an Indian hotel at the top of the global rankings. He also heroically but quietly rallied the group after the 26/11 attack on the Mumbai flagship.” It was a class act,” Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, said on SM.
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