Pro-Palestinian Group: Pro-Palestinian Group Publishes Map Calling for “Intifada” in New York City

Pro-Palestinian Group: Pro-Palestinian Group Publishes Map Calling for “Intifada” in New York City

A group supporting the Palestinian cause participated a map to New York City Newsrooms, businesses and historic buildings called for “Direct action“For globalization.” uprising“, reported the New York Post.
A Palestinian-led community organization, Within Our Lives, urged its followers to focus on targeting the offices of technology companies.
“Each of the sites on this map reflects the location of an enemy office for the Palestinian people and colonized peoples around the world. Today and beyond, these sites will be sites for popular mobilization in defense of our people.”
“Let this map serve as a call to every struggle to work for its own benefit. As we do so, we lift up each other’s struggles and liberate Palestine from the river to the sea, repeating the Hamas-adopted PLO slogan calling for the elimination of Israel.
Reportedly, the post has since been deleted.
“As Mayor (Eric) Adams has said time and time again, there is no place for hate in our city,” a City Hall spokesperson said. “We are constantly monitoring multiple channels to identify any potential threats to New York City. The NYPD is aware of a social media post urging ‘direct action’ toward several establishments in the city and is deploying resources to protect public safety at these locations. But to be clear, “Threatening companies and organizations and referring to them as the ‘enemy’ is exactly the kind of hate speech that seeks to divide New Yorkers, but it won’t work, because we are better than that.”
The group did not provide specific reasons for targeting those sites or details about what type of action would be taken. However, New York lawmakers criticized the map, asserting that it indicated the potential for violence
U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) of the Bronx said Thursday that the messages were an example of “coded calls for violence against Jews” that are “spreading on social media.”
Manhattan Borough President Mark Levin, also a Democrat, wrote that the matter was “dangerous and reprehensible.”
“This is clear incitement against a group of predominantly Jewish institutions, based on the trope that they are ‘enemies’ of colonized peoples around the world.”
“I reject this language of hate, and I am grateful that the NYPD is taking this threat seriously,” Levine added.
According to the New York Post, Councilman Keith Powers, who represents Manhattan-Midtown, wrote on X that the list was “an unacceptable call for senseless violence.”
“I strongly condemn this and have reached out to the local NYPD,” the Democrat wrote.
Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis, called the map “a message glorifying physical attacks against Jews.”
The New York Post quoted him as saying: “The uprisings are attacks targeting Jews.” “Hatred of the heart leads to hatred of the hands.”
A City Hall spokesperson said the NYPD is deploying “resources to protect public safety” at locations listed on the map.
Meanwhile, Within Our Lives also hosted a “peaceful march” in Washington Square Park “to demand an end to the current genocide and call out the universities complicit in it.”
The New York Post said that an opinion poll showed that more than one in five college students expressed their support for Hamas in the conflict.

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