Pokemon Go fans are criticizing Niantic for accidentally removing avatar mode after its launch

Pokemon Go fans are criticizing Niantic for accidentally removing avatar mode after its launch

Philip Trahan

Pokemon Go fans have criticized developer Niantic for accidentally removing the Avatar image from all accounts after it was released early.

Pokemon Go has a lot of cosmetic options that players can use to customize their avatar.

Most of these cosmetic items, which include hats, shirts, jackets and even poses, can be purchased through the in-game store.

However, some fans were surprised when they received a free Avatar pose on February 8, 2024. Unfortunately, Niantic has now removed the pose from all accounts after it was released early by mistake and trainers were not happy.

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Pokemon Go fans are angry about the avatar’s removal

Several posts on social media platforms began appearing on February 8, 2024, with some players noting that they were able to activate a new pose option for their avatar, called the Pikachu PhD pose.

Unfortunately, this free mode won’t last long for those who have activated it, as Niantic Support issued a statement on February 9, 2024.

the official statement Read: “Trainers, some upcoming exclusive avatar rewards were mistakenly made available to all Trainers for a short period. These rewards are no longer available, and will be removed from Trainer accounts. Details on how to obtain them will be provided soon. Thank you for your understanding.”

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Naturally, many fans were not happy to hear that Avatar mode would be forcibly removed from their accounts, despite it being a developer error.

“Why don’t you let us have nice things when it’s your fault,” one coach asked.

Another said: “He accidentally gave it to us for free, then she’ll take it from us, then sell it to us again later.”

This news comes shortly after Niantic I apologize For the case of Pokemon Go on February 8, 2024, when many players claimed that the mobile game was unplayable due to a myriad of bugs.

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