Persona 3 DLC leaks reveal that the answer may be coming soon

Persona 3 DLC leaks reveal that the answer may be coming soon

An image of an article titled Persona 3 Reload Leaks reveals that the answer may be coming after all

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Character update 3the long-awaited remake of 2006 Atlas Classic, has not been released yet but rumors are already circulating about DLC plans. According to prominent leakers in the Atlus community, Character update 3 You’ll get a number of post-release expansions that may fix one of the biggest complaints about the remake. But they will come at a price.

Notable leaker Midori – MbKKssTBhz5 on Twitter – to publish On social media it Character update 3 You will receive the answer as DLC “during the fiscal year” but it does not specify whether that is fiscal year 2024 or 2025. The answer is a conclusion to Personality 3 Which was previously exclusive to Axe Release the game. Midori previously leaked the existence Character update 3 Before its official reveal, in addition to other leaks related to Sega. If accurate, the inclusion of The Answer as DLC is a glass half-full, half-empty for fans. Appeal a Personality 3 The remake has always been the case that it could deliver a truly definitive version of one of Atlus’ best titles.

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my city We have reached out to Atlus for comment.

With three different iterations of Personality 3 – Now count four Reloading – There is a lot of edition-exclusive content spread across the different editions that makes it easy to experience everything Personality 3 Simultaneously is almost impossible. It is worth noting that both the answer and Persona 3 portableThe female protagonist path is exclusive to its respective releases, meaning fans get to pick and choose which content they want to experience while playing. Personality 3. but Reloading This is not the final version that fans, like the developers, had hoped for They were adamant The remake is a reimagining of the original version, which means that the answer and the female protagonist are not part of Reloading. It is important to note that the features in Reloading, Like the social links for male party members and Aigis, they were not available in the original game version and were pulled from Portable And Axe respectively.

Midori’s leaks seem to reveal that fans will be able to access The Answer in the near future. But charging for content could have helped alleviate some of the few complaints fans had about it Character update 3 Leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. While the answer may be coming, Midori also claims that there are still no plans to add a female hero path to the series Reloading. As Kazuhisa Wada, Persona’s production manager, recently said in a report meeting with GameRocktranslated by Persona Central, that the team β€œis not considering a review like Personality 5 to Persona 5 Royal“. I mean, with all the recent updates Reloading Indeed, it may still fall short of being the definitive version of Personality 3 The game desperately needs it.


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