Palworld player takes down a boss using a genetically modified Tocotoco

Palworld player takes down a boss using a genetically modified Tocotoco

Ethan Dean

The breeding mechanisms of Palworld created a new god. Tokotoko is called Oppenheimer and she is just as destructive as her name.

Palworld’s meteoric rise through the Steam charts to become the second most played game of all time is the stuff of legends. This small indie game that would have attracted the attention of millions of players thanks to its interesting mix of survival, crafting and creature collecting mechanics.

A big part of the fun of Palworld is how little it cares about. Players enjoy committing atrocities in their labor camps and using the game’s base building to create water slides.

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Serious Pal Tamers has actually solved the game’s breeding mechanics and used them to create highly improved death machines. The latest to get this treatment is Reddit user Tocotoco u/Correct-Fox-4545 who was seen taking down a mid-game boss in less than 15 seconds.

The aptly named Oppenhiemer is the pinnacle of Tocotoco genetics with massive attack stats in 1633. This is thanks to the ability to stack a friend with favorable passive abilities using Palworld breeding.

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u/Correct-Fox-4545’s Tocotoco has all four passive ability slots loaded with Lucky, Legend, Ferocious, and Musclehead. All of this adds a certain level of increase to your attack stats.

Tocotoco’s handy partner skill turns her into a makeshift grenade launcher, and thanks to these buffs, the damage of her explosive eggs is intensified. So much so that he could chew through Lily and Lin’s 69,375 HP in a matter of seconds.

Oppenheimer the Tocotoco can deal up to 8000 damage on a critical hit which should make late-game challenges a breeze. We hate to see Megaton Iplode attack.

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Ballworld Baldock 17 TokotokoPocket pair

*Ride of the Valkyries plays ominously*

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen eugenics in Palworld create a god who causes harm. Footage of Lifmunk melting Alpha Pal’s health bar with his machine gun post-match has been circulating for less than a week.

However, the Oppenheimer Tokotoko is a bit more impressive. He has truly become death, the destroyer of friends.

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