Read all about it

  Twice now, that is twice I have been nominated for an award in two months, granted it’s not the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s not the Academy Awards- but it’s damn close in this Blogger world. Okay, it’s not really close, but in my mind it’s like winning FREE ice cream for life, and that … More Read all about it

The sound of silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence     I need to leave this place I stay, where darkness beckons and loneliness plays. Where the only voice I hear is my own.    This place where all my demons breed.   Erupting with volcanic ash,  leaving my brain to resemble the chaotic aftermath of an out of control … More The sound of silence

Splattered Paint

I sit across from ex-husband number 2 at breakfast. The waiter says ” It’s really cool that you guys get along so well”. My ex laughs and says: ” It wasn’t always like this, there was a time we couldn’t be in the same state as each other”. I say:  ” And that is when … More Splattered Paint