Outdoor students from Montana Grant

Outdoor students from Montana Grant

The best outdoorsmen and women are “students of their sport!” This means they are always learning and challenging themselves. The more interventions they have in their funds, the greater the chance of success.

One way to go back to outdoor school is to attend local outdoor shows. These places often have classes and presentations sharing great information and equipment. Lessons are usually less than an hour and are scheduled. Fair admission fees often cover the entire weekend, so you can attend multiple days and events.

Look at the ads for the schedule. They are usually published on the show’s website or local news. You can certainly wander around the expo and check out the other outdoor booths, but for me, the best part of these shows are the seminars.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or take notes. Many students forget much of what is given unless they have notes to refer to. Really good students can pick up 3 things from class. For most of them, they are lucky to remember one.

You can also check out YouTube videos for great information. Pick and choose through the junk, but there is a lot of great stuff. Humans are visual learners, so we learn as we watch. Practice while you watch.

the previous. Fishing knot See and tie the knot shown. Rewind if you need.

Fly tying What a great way to learn how to tie a fly.

Elk calling/hunting Sellers often show their business calls. Little tricks and tips make a big difference. Learn from the manufacturer.

Pour Some shows have a casting pond to practice spinning and fly casting. Teachers often invite students for practical training.

Take notes and/or print some information.

Books are a great way to learn, but many find them outdated. Use the index to locate places, skills, techniques, etc. Use this knowledge to request some videos or ask questions of your teacher or seminar teacher.

Clubs and groups Join organizations so you can connect with new friends, tips and tricks.

Guide lines Hire an experienced guide to show you the ropes and teach you. Look for people with sweat-stained hats.

The Great Rockies Outdoor Show will be held in Billings, Montana, January 19-21. Montana Grant will present seminars on Saturday and Sunday.

Seminars are.

Ice fishing. Chillin and Drelin! (Saturday, 1:00)

Fly fishing. First to throw the first fish! (Sunday 2:00)

The dates and locations of other seminars at the Metra Center will be announced. Bring a clipboard and take some notes. Montana Grant is a retired teacher of 40 years. See if you can get an A+ in his class.

Montana Grant

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