Only on Uber: Becoming the best — and fairest — platform for flexible work

Only on Uber: Becoming the best — and fairest — platform for flexible work

written byDara Khosrowshahi, CEO

Every month, more than 6.5 million drivers and couriers deliver magical experiences to customers around the world. We owe it to them to continue innovating to achieve our goal of becoming the world’s best platform for flexible working. Today we’re announcing improvements to the Uber Driver app, making earning money on Uber safer and fairer. It all adds up to an experience you can only find on Uber.

At an event this morning in Los Angeles, I gave drivers and couriers their first look at more than 20 new features. Here are some highlights, with the full list below:

Make profit safer

  • Register my next trip to more cities: We are expanding Record my test flight To iOS drivers in dozens of US cities, including Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, Minneapolis, and select drivers in Los Angeles. The Record My Ride app allows drivers to record video of rides using their smartphone’s front camera, without having to invest in a separate camera. Similar to Audio recording feature within the application We launched Record My Ride nationwide earlier this year, and we built Record My Ride with privacy in mind: every recording is encrypted and stored directly on drivers’ devices, and no one — not Uber, not passengers, or Drivers – Accessible only if the driver chooses to send it to us for review. We believe that these two recording features will help enhance safety and allow us to resolve any incidents that may arise more quickly and fairly.
  • Verification of riders: Next year, we will significantly expand the verification of passenger identities to compare the passenger’s account details with trusted data sources or identity document. Over time, we will inform drivers whether they will be carrying an approved passenger, so they can have more peace of mind before accepting a ride request. This is on top of what we have Verification process For passengers who use certain anonymous payment methods.

  • Comfort and security on the big screen: After recently integrating CarPlay and the great feedback we received, we’re now integrating Android Auto with the Uber Driver app. Drivers using Android can now see demand maps, accept rides, and use on-screen navigation directly from their vehicle’s dashboard for enhanced safety and convenience.

Improve the application

  • Ease of parking and dropping the car: Couriers tell us one of their biggest challenges is finding parking, especially in cities, so we’ve added a tool in the app that shows them free parking nearby. We also show delivery companies the exact location where the customer has ordered food delivery, including map labels identifying the exact door and sometimes photos of the building.

  • Redesigned and clearer flight information: We’ve redesigned trip requests so drivers can more easily determine if a trip is right for them. Trip requests, including on Trip Radar, will now have a more visible action button to accept or match a trip, to help avoid accidentally accepting a trip they don’t want to take.

  • Improve map clarity: We’ve created clearer route lines with clearer map markings for pick-up and drop-off and animations that show trip direction more clearly.

  • Real-time navigation feedback and alternative routes: Drivers continue to cite inefficient roads as one of their biggest weaknesses. Starting in December, drivers will be able to post real-time traffic and route information that will be visible to other drivers, making the experience better for everyone. In addition, drivers can access automatic information about roadworks, accidents and lane closures sourced from TomTom and will be provided alternative routes to avoid them.

Make earnings more equitable

We know that to be the best platform for flexible working, we must also be the fairest. Blocking someone from accessing their Uber account is one of the most dangerous decisions we can make, and one of the most painful moments a driver or courier can go through. I’ve heard from drivers and couriers loud and clear that we need to do a better job of listening to all parties involved, communicating our decisions more clearly, and giving drivers and couriers a path to appeal if they think we made a mistake. To address this issue, we are making some important changes to this process. You can read about all of them hereBut some highlights include:

  • Provide a path to review the decision to deactivate an account: An expanded in-app review center tells drivers and carriers why their accounts have been deactivated, allows them to request additional review of the decision, and gives them the opportunity to share any additional information such as audio or video recordings.
  • Protect drivers from false claims and unfair evaluations: It is an unfortunate fact that some people report false issues with the driver with the aim of getting their money back from Uber. We’ve put in place new systems to better protect drivers from these types of false claims – and to help ensure these reports don’t count towards ratings or a deactivation decision.
  • Helping American drivers falsely accused of driving under the influence get back on the road: If a driver accused of driving under the influence wants to take a drug test to disprove the accusation, we now have a program to help. Moving forward, drivers whose accounts are at risk of being permanently disabled due to driving under the influence will be offered the option to take a drug test through a national partnership with LabCorp. Uber will cover the cost of the test, whatever the result.

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