NVIDIA, Twitch and OBS deliver enhanced streaming: higher-quality, lower-latency multi-encoding streaming and AV1 support

NVIDIA, Twitch and OBS deliver enhanced streaming: higher-quality, lower-latency multi-encoding streaming and AV1 support

NVIDIA has announced improvements to video streaming on Twitch, powered by OBS

Enhanced Streaming, Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA announced an important update at CES 2024 focusing on video streaming in collaboration with Twitch. The upcoming Enhanced Streaming, scheduled to launch in beta later this month, will use the NVIDIA NVENC encoder to improve the performance and quality of streaming video on both GeForce RTX and GTX GPUs.

The primary goal is to improve the viewer experience by improving video quality and reducing latency. This technology will be based on new standards and will take advantage of the improved streaming capabilities of streaming devices, enabling multi-encoded video streams. Additionally, it allows AV1 encoding when possible.

NVIDIA’s collaboration with OBS, an important video streaming tool, aims to enable simultaneous streaming at up to three maximum 1080p resolutions. Future plans include testing higher bit rates, progressing to 4K resolution, and supporting up to four simultaneous streams.

A noteworthy addition is support for AV1, a royalty-free codec, which requires less bandwidth for high-quality video, but will require that streaming devices support encoding in this format. For viewers, this should become less of a concern as GPUs, APUs, and even mobile SoCs continue to be updated with AV1 decoding. Furthermore, the AV1 codec will not be limited to NVIDIA hardware.

(NVIDIA Studio) Optimized Twitch streaming (multi-encoding streaming) powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (1,052 views)

As EposVox explained, enhanced streaming is based on improved RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) specifications. The converted video is sent to Twitch with all parameters such as encoder settings, resolution, bitrate, and encoding parameters. Twitch will evaluate and validate these parameters with a focus on connection quality, ensuring optimal settings. This makes streaming easier for content creators by having complex settings taken care of directly by Twitch, rather than the user.

As of now, Enhanced Streaming is not publicly available to all streamers. Only a select group of participants and those who choose to enroll in the beta phase will have privileged access to this feature. Twitch plans to gradually onboard more creators. Regardless, video streaming will benefit greatly from this technology. Once people start using it, the AV1 video codec should become more popular as well.

Source: Nvidia, TwitchiPosfox

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