NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090D for China features AD102-250 GPU

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090D for China features AD102-250 GPU

NVIDIA RTX 4090 D features AD102-250 GPU

New GPU variant and new specifications?

The alleged RTX 4090D graphics card, which is scheduled to be launched in the near future as a China-exclusive desktop model, is said to be equipped with… AD102-250 GPU. This GPU variant is different from the original RTX 4090, which has the AD102-300.

Typically, when NVIDIA launches a variant that offers similar if not identical specs, the GPU sub-variant numbers show smaller changes, such as 300 → 301. The RTX 4090 alone has a “301” version, which replaced the original “300” model in March approx. Thus, the number “250” indicates that NVIDIA will indeed offer a different CUDA base specification for this specific variant.

NVIDIA had several options for this card. It can have different amounts of memory, power levels, clock speeds, or even a software lock that makes it slower. The combined GPU’s performance of over 4800 TOPS (trillions of operations per second) was the main reason why the original model could not be brought to China due to new restrictions imposed by the US. It seems that NVIDIA has decided to completely change the CPU configuration, which could affect not only the core specifications of CUDA, but also the performance of the underlying Tensor, which is used for advanced AI workloads.

The obvious question is how fast the RTX 4090D compares to the upcoming card RTX 4080 Super. The main difference will be in the memory department, where the RTX 4090D is expected to feature the same 24GB GDDR6X RAM as the original GPU. The RTX 4080 SUPER is expected to have a smaller footprint of 16GB, not to mention the obvious difference between the AD102 and AD103 GPUs.

Another thing to note is that NVIDIA may impose stronger restrictions on overclocking, to prevent board partners from exceeding specifications. This will ensure that no RTX 4090D graphics card will reach the 4800 TOPS computing power limit again. So, we’ll be looking closely at how the new RTX 4090D will be announced by board partners and how many of these cards will feature factory overclocking.

At the moment, only the name of the card and graphics processor are known. However, the original report from Wccftech stated that the card costs the same as the original RTX 4090, which is US$1,599 / CNY 12,999. This is a strong indicator that the changes between the RTX 4090 and RTX 4090D will be small.

Upcoming GeForce RTX 40 desktop graphics cards
VideoCardz.com GPU Coda colors Memory capacity Memory bandwidth TDP
RTX 4090 AD102-300/301
RTX 4090D 🆕 M102-250 To be determined later To be determined later
RTX 4080 Super 🆕 AD103-400 To be determined later
RTX 4080 AD103-300
RTX 4070 Super 🆕 M 103-275 To be determined later
RTX 4070 Ti AD104-400
RTX 4070 Super 🆕 AD104-350 To be determined later
RTX 4070 M104-250
RTX 4060 Ti 16GB graphics card M 106-351
RTX 4060 8GB AD106-350
RTX 4060 AD107-400

source: Mega Size GPU

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