Not Many Good Fishing Days Left – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Not Many Good Fishing Days Left – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Pictured is a pair of bald eagles that have made our backyard lake, Lake Mendocino, their home. That’s the great thing about fishing. It’s getting out into nature, breathing the fresh air, soaking up some rays and seeing sights like this. Very pleasant! (Photo by Mark Crook)

I pray that I will hunt until the day I die, and when it comes to my last hunt, I humbly pray, when I am in the Lord’s great net and sleeping peacefully, that He will judge me enough to keep it – Roger Ebbard

BLUE LAKES – Well, it seems the word has spread about Upper Blue Lake. What, haven’t you heard yet? The trout fishing is very good right now! I’ve heard great reports lately. The drop in water temperature caused the trout to rise to the surface. The last time I was in the Blue Lakes area, we had some success catching some trout. We were just hanging out at the end of Le Triannon Lake. When we saw trout swimming on the surface or jumping, we would throw a small chrome Castmaster to them. Really, it’s that simple. good luck!

Clear Lake – Our beautiful fall days have kept the fishing going at Clear Lake. The ticket has been caught with huge minnows. Many anglers have done fairly well. It is common to catch between 7 and 12 bass (and sometimes catfish) during one outing. The other big news from last week was the results of two different tournaments. Many anglers brought limits (five fish) weighing 25 to 30 pounds. amazing! I hope we have at least a few more weeks of good fishing on Clear Lake. It all depends on the weather. We hope to see you on the water.

LAKE MENDOCINO – Like Clear Lake, the beautiful fall weather we enjoy is keeping bass lively. Fishing pressure is non-existent. There are only a few fishermen fishing in the lake now. Some have had success fishing deeper water from Vinegar Point to the water tower and the north end of Crappie Cove. Others fish well in 10 to 15 feet of water using a jerk bait, tied to smallmouth bass. A few people also caught some nice catfish using minnows at the mouth of the river, along the dam, and the north side of Crappie Cove.

Oh boy, the lake is getting rid of it now. All I can do is shake my head at the waste of water! Pay attention to the shoreline when the lake is this low, and you can even take some photos. Why? Because the falling water level is beginning to expose the structure that will be submerged next spring. This will help you know where to fish in the spring.

Lake Sonoma – As you know, some lakes really fire up in the fall and others don’t. I would say Lake Sonoma is one of those lakes that shuts down in the fall when it comes to bass fishing. I thought this lake had a personal problem with me or something. I have found that there are many other hunters who feel the same way I do. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t be spending my time at Lake Sonoma right now. Why kick a dead horse? You can go fishing at Blue Lake, Clear Lake, Lake Mendocino, or Lake Pillsbury. You will catch fish and have fun!

Thanks for reading. Remember to keep it reeled. Don 4Real Vision

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