Not even Charles Martinet knows what an “Ambassador Mario” is.

Charles Martinet, the iconic voice behind everyone’s favorite mustachioed plumber for more than 25 years, has gone from playing the character to being the “Mario AmbassadorRather, Nintendo announced recently. But there is one problem: Martinet still does not know What his new role at Nintendo entails.

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At the end of August, Nintendo revealed that Martinet would be stepping back from playing Mario’s voice, with immediate effect. “He will continue to travel the world sharing Mario’s joy and interacting with all of you,” the company said in announcing Martinet’s transformation into the role of “Mario Ambassador”. However, what this new role entailed was kept under wraps, as neither Martinet nor Nintendo shared details of what Mario’s former voice actor would do, aside from sharing joy and traveling the world. Well, it also turns out that Martinet has no idea what he’s going to do, even though he’s not retired.

During a panel discussion at GalaxyCon, an animation and comic event in Texas over Labor Day weekend, Martinet spilled the tea on all things Mario and Nintendo. Talk about his career and what he’s doing now. The subject of “Ambassador Mario” was brought up, and behind the audience’s laughter and through small talk, he was very honest about what he knew and didn’t know.

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“You may have seen the news,” said Martinet. “(I’m) Mario’s ambassador.” “I don’t know what that is yet. I’m not retired, but I’m an ambassador. And as we step forward into the future, I’ll learn–we’ll all learn–what exactly that is. But in the meantime, you know, I’ll be an ambassador as I always do. I’m always an ambassador.” Nintendo and Mario are in all of these events because I cherish every moment of it, and I hope, you know, that your love for the game continues and grows the same way that mine does. So thank you very much.”

people had The idea that something was afoot When the first gameplay footage of the upcoming platform game is shown Super Mario Bros. Wonder Fans have felt that Mario’s exclamations don’t quite sound like Martinet’s “Wah-ha!” and “Yahoo!” to which we are accustomed. I think that’s why: because Martinet transcended the role, evolving from just portraying Mario to speaking for Mario everywhere – or whatever he’s going to do.

my city I have reached out to Nintendo for comment.

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It is not clear who will vote for Mario in the future; If martinette Do Learn somethingHe certainly didn’t Share any dates during GalaxyCon Austin He speaks. Nintendo indicated that we’ll have to wait until he wonders Out just to learn Who has the I stepped into my old overalls and work boots. So, for now, the jury is still out on who “Wahoo” is. he wonders. Do you have any theories?

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