Nippon Ichi Software announces strategy roguelike RPG Bar Stella Abyss for PS5, PS4 and Switch

Nippon Ichi Software announces strategy roguelike RPG Bar Stella Abyss for PS5, PS4 and Switch

Get the first details below.

■ Specifications

  • Title: Stella Abyss Bar
  • Type: Strategy roguelike rpg
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch
  • release date: February 29, 2024 (Japan)
  • players: One
  • price: 7,200 yen (without tax) / 7,920 yen (with tax)
  • publisher: Nippon Ichi Program
  • Director of Development: Shunsuke Minowa
  • Planning and idea / technical director: Yu Mizokami
  • Character design: Mio Katsumata
  • Siro classification: pending
  • Official Website:
  • Official hashtag: #BAR stellar abyss

■ Game overview

Stella Abyss Bar It is an RPG and roguelike strategy game where you strengthen your team with the power of towers while exploring a dungeon in another world that changes shape every time you play. In addition to exploring the other world, the story will unfold as you share drinks with patrons of the “Stella Abyss” bar.

■ Story

Stella Abyss is a hidden bar located in the corner of the city. The protagonist, exhausted from his day, is guided there by a leaflet floating in the wind and opens its doors.

“You seem very tired. Let me make you something right away.”

Drunk on the cocktail he ordered as recommended by the bartender, the protagonist fell asleep.

The hungry protagonist woke up to an unfamiliar voice echoing in their heads. Before them was a mysterious creature floating in the air, and a magical sight of blooming flowers.

This is the “drunk world”, the dream of a drunk person. The protagonist is robbed of his face and arm, and is left trapped in this dream world.

■ Characters

The wanderer (Voiced by Nanako Mori)
The wanderer who lost his face and arm.

The protagonist, who arrives at the hidden bar Stella Abyss after following a flyer floating in the wind through the city at night. In order to regain the face and arm they lost in the drunken world, they must move back and forth between the bar and the afterlife.

Perfects (in the voice of Ayaka Shimizu)
The owner of the hidden bar is Stella Abyss.

“Welcome to Stella Abyss Bar.”

A woman with good morals who is loved by her patrons. She also seemed to know something about the drunken world. She offers all kinds of advice to the protagonist who is caught off guard by sudden events.

drunk (in the voice of Michio Murase)
A servant of the drunken god of the world.

“Humans are really stupid to drink much more than they can handle.”

A creature that rescues the protagonist after wandering into the world of drunkenness is called the “Wanderer”. They do everything they can to help catch the thief who stole the protagonist’s face and arm.

■ System

Explore the world of intoxication you reach after you drink yourself unconscious

It is said that the drunken world exists in countless numbers like the stars. The protagonist Wanderer travels around this very mysterious world to recover his lost face and arm.

—Dungeons are dotted with facilities that will help you explore, including an observatory where you can get boosted skills, and shops where you can purchase items. It is up to the player to decide which facilities to advance through.

—If you come across any of the Stella Abyss regulars in Drunken World, you can add them to your party. With their help, you aim to reach the depths of the drunken world.

– When you exhaust all your strength in the sugar world, you will wake up in the bathroom of Stella Abyss. Regardless of the equipment, all items will be lost and your level will return to its initial state.

Turn-based strategic RPG battles

When you encounter monsters roaming the Drunken World, the battle will switch to a tile-based battle map. Combat progresses like a turn-based strategy RPG. Choose your actions paying attention to enemy weaknesses and position, as well as the effects of terrain.

Strengthening characters with the power of towers

As you explore, you will obtain “Stella”, which is the powers of the zodiac. By tuning Stella to a character’s skill, her performance can be improved in ways such as expanded attack range, additional strength, or granting additional attributes.

There are around 130 different Stella that will spawn randomly, up to four of which can be equipped to a single skill, but all Stella will reset once your run is over. Try different combinations of Stella for each round.

For example, by combining Stella’s “Double Backstep”, which allows you to move two pieces back, and “High-Speed ​​Shooting”, which increases your power the farther away from the enemy, you can create a skill with a high-damage effect while also maintaining A safe distance from the enemy.

Seamless conversation and exploration through the power of alcohol

By sharing drinks with other regular players, you can gain effects that will help you on your journey into the world of drunkenness.

– Stella Abyss has many regulars who come in for a drink. Talk to people who interest you and share a table.

Stella abyss shepherds

Stella Apis men and women. They will also appear in the Drunken World, where it is said that only those who have “lost something important” arrive and help the protagonist.

From left to right, regular beneficiaries are:

  • Kaji (voiced by Hiroshi Watanabe)
  • Baran (voiced by Hiromu Mineta)
  • Kilka (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki)
  • Cass (voiced by Momoyo Koyama)
  • Leona (voiced by Honoka Kuroki)
  • Maya (voiced by Ryo Sugiyama)
  • Ginga (voiced by Mutsuki Iwanaka)
  • Saotome (voiced by Takaki Otomari)

Enjoy the conversation with the regulars

By sharing a table with the regulars at Stella Abyss, you can enjoy the conversation. There are four prompts you can choose from as reactions during the conversation, including “Agree,” “Disagree,” “Laugh,” and “Doubt,” plus the additional option of “Drink,” for a total of five options. Choose the most appropriate reaction that matches the other person’s feelings and moves the conversation forward.

—If you make a comment that disrupts the flow of the conversation or offends the other person, the conversation won’t flourish and your time drinking together will be over.

-If you choose to “drink” too much, your vision will blur and you will be forced into a world of drunkenness. Make sure to pace yourself when drinking…

The hidden effects of cocktails

Stella Abyss cocktails will give you special effects that will help you in the world of drunkenness. There are various effects, from granting additional experience points to increasing the spawn rate of a certain Stella. Order cocktails that suit your exploratory style.

—If your conversation blossoms while sharing a table, you can order additional cocktails. Two drinks, three drinks… The effects will accumulate the more you drink, allowing you to explore the dungeon with an advantage.

—There are more than 300 cocktails. By spending the money you collect in Drunken World, you can unlock cocktails with more powerful effects.

■ Box art

■ First printing bonus

First print copies of the physical release will include a download code for the digital mini-soundtrack, which contains eight carefully selected tracks of the game’s background music.

■ Shop Limited Edition Store Limited Edition includes:

A copy of the game

  • Soundtrack CD – three discs. Each track includes background music from the game.
  • Visual Arts Book – 44 pages, B6 size. Includes artwork from the game.
  • Special box – can be used to store audio CD and visual art book.
  • Acrylic drawing board – A5 size.
  • Pre-orders available here: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

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