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While Nick Bosa held firm during his 49-player contract extension negotiations, The Faithful worried about what he was doing and whether he’d be in shape in the first week.

But the NFL Defensive Player of the Year was in good hands.

And his mum Cheryl revealed on 95.7’s “Willard and Dibs” The Game, just hours after her son agreed to sign a five-year, $170 million contract extension: “Nick followed a strict routine for about three weeks while driving home to South Florida.” “. with the 49ers.

While his father John handled coaching and coaching, Mama Bossa made sure the defensive star was well fed.

And it took half a dozen eggs a day to do that.

Cheryl said she would make a “huge, giant” omelette for Nick every morning, consisting of six eggs, two egg whites, onions, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. No cheese, though.

Nick has been away from the team for the entire offseason, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working. As he usually does, he trained all summer with his brother and Los Angeles Chargers defensive back Joey Bosa. But when Joey returned to SoCal, Nick stayed in Florida and asked his dad to train with him.

Cheryl revealed that the two will do running workouts first thing in the morning and then lift weights and train later in the day.

Three weeks later, after 126 eggs were collected, the Bossa family received the call they had been waiting for.

“It was very stressful. It was very stressful until almost four hours ago,” Cheryl said of the contract situation. “An incredible relief. Honestly, until today, I didn’t know what was going to happen this weekend. We didn’t really know what was going to happen.

“…and obviously we’re getting closer and closer to this Sunday, and we kept doing the routine but it was getting more and more stressful every day. I’m so glad I won’t be cooking him breakfast tomorrow morning.”

Nick arrived in Santa Clara late Wednesday night, and will join his squad for practices Thursday and Friday before San Francisco’s Week 1 game with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday at Akrisor Stadium.

Cheryl is confident her son has done his job to stay in shape all summer, but she is thrilled to have him back on the field with his team for a full preparation for the inaugural season.

“Physically, he’s a model,” Cheryl said. “He’s in better shape than he’s ever been in his life. He’s faster than he’s been, he’s stronger than he was last year. I’m really happy he’s getting some repetitions with Trent (Williams) tomorrow. You can get in great form, but if you’re going to fight Trent Williams, you need a little more than just being in shape.

“I am very happy that he is on his way there, and that he will spend Thursday and Friday with his children to put his feet under his feet.”

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