NFL Madden Sim: Chiefs-Lions arrives at the final drive


If you’d like to watch the simulation without burning, check out the video above – or if you can’t watch it, click here.

Here’s what happened in our simulation:

Tight end Noah Gray did his best impersonation of Travis Kelsey, and David Montgomery ran all over the Chiefs’ defensive line and scored a game-winning kick.

Well, at least that’s what happened inside EA world.

First Quarter

The Detroit Lions had no problem moving the ball downfield, either on the ground or in the air. They kicked a field goal on their first drive and connected with Josh Reynolds two yards for a touchdown on their second drive. The Lions attack seems to be thriving in the absence of Chris Jones.

The Kansas City Chiefs held their own without tight end Travis Kelce for this game as Noah Gray made two catches for 57 yards and a touchdown on the first drive. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes appeared to be targeting Gray for the majority of the first quarter as other receivers were unable to create the breakaway.

End of the first quarter: Lions 10, Chiefs 7

Second Quarter

Montgomery dominated the second quarter as the Chiefs defense seemed unable to stop the advance.

The Chiefs’ use of style of play exposed some holes in the Lions’ defense. Isaiah Pacheco didn’t produce a stellar performance in the second quarter, but it was enough for the Lions defenders to keep a close eye on him leaving the field wide open for Sky Moore and Richie James Jr.

Late in the second quarter, the Chiefs kicked a fake field goal just inside the red zone leading to a 99-yard drive from six.

End of the second quarter: Lions 24, Chiefs 14

Third quarter

After halftime, the Chiefs played quickly, scoring with less than four minutes left in the game to trail by just three points. Wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling made a stunning catch on fourth down and field goal to put his feet up for the score.

The Chiefs would end up taking the lead in the third quarter on Moore’s touchdown catch after a seven-minute drive.

End of the third quarter: Presidents 28, Lions 24.

The fourth quarter

Montgomery was over 100 yards down to start the fourth quarter and the Lions continued to pound the Rock with him. The Chiefs’ defense managed to stop Montgomery in the red zone twice and forced the Lions to kick a field goal, which gave the Chiefs just a one-point lead.

Lions fullback Jalen Reeves-Maybin produced a stunning performance in sacking Mahomes, sending the Chiefs out of goal range. The Lions ended up bleeding the clock all the way, and the field goal led to an upset at Arrowhead.

Final score: Lions 30, Chiefs 28

Remarkable stats

Patrick Mahomes 35/45, 377 yards, 4 TD

Jared Goff 20/28, 209 yards, 2 TD

David Montgomery 27 AT, 159 yards

Isaiah Pacheco 9 AT, 42 yards

Amon-Re-Brown Street 9 Rec, 75 yards

Richie James Jr. 7 detail, 46 yards

Skyy Moore 7 rec, 75 yards, 1 TD

Noah Gray 7 Detail, 130 yards 2 TD

Marquez Valdes-Scanting 7 rec, 83 yards, 1 TD

Josh Reynolds 3 rd, 37 yards, 2 td

Nick Button 16 overall, 9 solo, 2 TFL

Trent McDuffie 8 overall, 6 solo

L’Jarius Sneed 9 total, 5 solo, 1 TFL, 1 bag

Willie J. 10 total, 3 solo, 1 TFL

In the second week, the bosses are on the road, taking Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ll see how it all plays out first in the EA world.

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