The current water level in the drilling tank is 1,027.8 feet, down 0.3 feet this week. We are currently 1.3 feet above the low pool. The water temperature ranges between the mid 60s and 70s in the main tank. The water temperature in the dunes is in the low 70s.

Use extreme caution while running in the dunes, at the dune face and between Goose Island and the dam face. There are a lot of dangers lurking just below the surface and invisible to the rider.

Walleye fishing has been very good this week. Walleye are in 10-25 feet currently. Fish the humps in front of the dunes with No. 5 or No. 7 Flicker Shads or No. 9 Flicker Minnows. He casts jerk baits, swimbaits, and lipless crankbaits in shallow water. Catch deep fish with the Slow Death Hook–Smile Blade rig equipped with a crawler and bottom keeper. Plastics and 3-inch grubs are producing on a 1/4-ounce jig head as well. Fish Crab Creek and Dune Face.

Largemouth bass fishing remains good. Most fish caught fall in the 2-4 pound range. Largemouth bass are caught using a wide variety of baits. Hula maggots, jigs, swim jigs, chatterbaits, XD 8s or 10s, Senkos, lipless crankbaits, and frogs have all been producing. Fish 2-20 feet of water. Dune hunting as well as dune face.

Smallmouth bass are being caught on the face of the dam, on the rocks surrounding Goose Island and in the sand dunes. Throw a drop rig with 4-inch plastics, 5-inch grubs, tubes, deep-diving crankbaits, jerkbaits, and sankos.

Trout are being caught in front of the state park and off Medicare Beach. Midget No. 5 or No. 7 shad rap or flash shad, wedding rings and needlefish. From inshore cast Rooster Tails, Vibrax spinners, 5-inch curly tail grubs or bottom fishing with Power Bait. There are no reports from Seeb Lakes this week.

Crappie and bluegill are showing up on the face of the dunes. Use Flicker Shad No. 5 or locate a school and use a slide tool set to a depth that matches the top of the school. Use Bobby Garland Baby Shads or DS Fry on a 1/32-ounce Moon-Eyed jig.

Channel catfish are being caught back in the dunes as well as on the face of the dunes. Fish are caught using cut bait, catfish lures, chicken livers and even hot dogs. Most fish caught fall in the 8 to 12 pound range.

Call the MarDon Resort store for current conditions and fishing information at 509-346-2651.

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