New PENN Carnage III Series West Coast Style Attachment – Fishing Tackle Retailer

New PENN Carnage III Series West Coast Style Attachment – Fishing Tackle Retailer

Columbia, SC – Introducing the Carnage III Series, a marked evolution of one of PENN’s most successful rod lines, featuring seven new models for the West Coast, including specialty rail rod models designed to meet the demands of anglers battling big, powerful tuna. These rods offer longer lengths and a more powerful pull, helping anglers avoid getting hit while facing intense line peeling.

In recent years, the West Coast has seen some of the largest tuna catches in the history of the fishery, with bluefin regularly exceeding 100 pounds. As a result, West Coast anglers have adapted their fishing methods and equipment to handle these magnificent fish. The reliability of a well-built rod becomes crucial in these situations, as a day on the water can be made or break when encountering bluefin tuna weighing over a hundred pounds. Recognizing this need, PENN is expanding the existing Carnage III series with seven more models designed specifically for the West Coast, particularly Southern California rail models, designed to handle the diverse techniques required for bluefin fishing.

Designed with a 7’6″ blank, the four rail rod models are sturdier and stronger, and feature precision-engineered actions optimized for fighting fish on the rail. Carnage III West Coast models feature SLS3 blank construction, with an ultra-thin diameter that maintains a lightweight feel, making them ideal for aggressive action when fighting formidable big-water species. These rods are equipped with high-quality components, such as Fuji HB series guides, ensuring flawless performance, improved casting, and reduced friction while fighting fish. To enhance comfort and functionality, PENN complements these spine rods with Sea-Guide aluminum reel seats and custom rubber and rubber tube grips.

The entire West Coast series also includes boat models that meet a wide range of needs, allowing West Coast anglers to choose rods ranging from 80-pound diving models to heavier, longer, general-purpose rods, accommodating various styles of offshore fishing. Whether targeting big tuna or other big water species, the PENN Carnage III West Coast Series delivers exceptional performance and reliability to meet any fishing challenge.

For more information about the PENN Carnage series, click here.

Key Features

  • SLS3 empty build
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with SiC inserts (select models)
  • Fuji® HB-Series guides with SiC inserts
  • Fuji® DPS reel seat (select models)
  • Sea-Guide® HBS aluminum reel seat
  • Custom fully rubber coated handles (select models)
  • Hypalon handles are durable and slip-resistant
  • Rubber axle (select models)

Available: November 2023
MSRP: $289.95 – $319.95

New models for 2023: CARWCIII5080C76 • CARWCIII4080C76 • CARWCIII60100C76 • CARWCIII60100C76H • CARWCIII80130C76XH • CARWCIII80150C76XXH • CARWCIII100200C76XXXH

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