New Indie World Showcase opens the bottle on more than a dozen upcoming Nintendo Switch games – News

New Indie World Showcase opens the bottle on more than a dozen upcoming Nintendo Switch games – News

11/14/23Watch the show

Redmond, Washington, November 14, 2023 – at the latest View the independent worldNintendo has introduced an exciting lineup of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch™ Family of systems in 2023 and beyond. Among these was the announcement Shantae Progress: A Perilous Revolutiona direct sequel to the original Shantae The game – and the adventure that has been more than 20 years in the making – will launch on Nintendo Switch in 2024. The presentation also revealed that Outer Prairie: Archaeologist Editionwhich includes the critically acclaimed open world puzzle Outer wilds, Plus its expansion, Echoes of the Eye, will be coming to Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

Other highlights included Basic guarda mining adventure where up to eight players can explore together in online multiplayer*, which will launch for Nintendo Switch in summer 2024; On your taila charming Italian-flavored fictional life simulator with a spy twist, will launch for Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in 2024; Hero backpack, a management roguelike in which organizing your backpack is the key to unleashing powerful powers, which launches on Nintendo Switch later today; And Moonstone Islandan open-ended creature-collecting life simulation game with 100 islands to explore, is coming to Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in spring 2024.

To view the entire Indie World Showcase, visit See below for more detailed information about the featured games:

  • Shantay: A risky revolution From WayForward: Shantae, the fan-favorite Half-Genie, is back in this retro follow-up to the 2002 original, completed and released 20 years later. This action-adventure platformer features all the belly dancing moves that Shantae fans have come to expect, plus multiple chapters, several towns and mazes, six creature transformations, fierce bosses, and a four-player versus mode.* * A new gameplay mechanic allows Shantae to create new paths through each area by Reposition foreground and background layers, and move between layers to navigate and explore. Shantae Progress: A Perilous Revolution It will launch on Nintendo Switch in 2024.

  • Outer Prairie: Archaeologist Edition From Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive: In this open-world adventure, scan multiple planets for clues, strange signals, and ancient alien texts to decode. But the entire solar system is trapped in a time loop, and each planet changes dramatically during each loop. Immerse yourself in an underground city before it is swallowed by sand, dodge towering tornadoes and much more. Find the keys to unlock the secrets of this solar system in the most hidden and dangerous places, then discover the deepest secret of them all in the included Echoes of the Eye expansion. Outer Prairie: Archaeologist Edition It lands on Nintendo Switch on December 7th. Pre-orders begin today at Nintendo eShop.

  • On your tail From Memorable Games and Humble Games: As intrepid young detective Diana, you’ll explore the charming coastal village of Borgo Marina in this narrative life simulation. But mysteries wait behind the village’s perfect exterior. Search the streets and shops for potential customers and collect Clue Cards to help uncover the thief threatening this once peaceful city. When not solving puzzles, you can enjoy a personal seaside vacation by going to the beach, hanging out with friends, playing games in the arcade, fishing, and much more. On your tail It will launch on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in 2024.

  • Highland song From Inkle: Guide Moira as she runs, jump, climb and dash her way forward in this narrative-driven 2.5D platformer with rhythmic action elements. Journey through the peaks and valleys of the Scottish Highlands, using hundreds of different routes, discovering shortcuts and surprises along the way. Time is an important factor when you are trying to get to the sea as quickly as possible, as rain, storms and snow will try to slow you down. Some of the valleys have exciting ‘music tracks’, where you have to jump in time to fast-paced Scottish music in order to progress quickly. Highland song It will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 5. Pre-orders begin today at Nintendo eShop.

  • Hero backpack From Jaspel and Different Tales: In this deck-building roguelike with a new twist, it’s not just what you carry, but how you organize the items in your backpack – find them in the right place to unleash their true power. Explore ancient dungeons, fight enemies in turn-based battles, and encounter a variety of colorful allies. Play as one of five backpacking heroes, each with unique powers, mechanics, and items. With the loot you get in the dungeon, you can help your town, Haversack Hill. Rebuild, expand and decorate it, which will earn the gratitude of the locals and become a real hero in the community. Hero backpack It will be released on Nintendo Switch later today!

  • howling From Mi’pu’mi Games and Astragon Entertainment: A fairytale world is being destroyed by Howl, an evil plague that spreads through sound alone. Only the deaf prophet can find the cure and bring peace back to the world. You’ll need to use both your weapons and your wits to advance in this popular turn-based tactical tale illustrated in a beautiful “living ink” art style. Engaging in combat challenges you to predict your enemies’ actions, plan up to six moves in advance and use interactive environments to your advantage. Defeat monsters to collect resources and upgrade your ever-expanding arsenal of abilities, then plot your way on the world map to find secret paths and discover new skills. howling Coming to Nintendo Switch later today! The free demo will also be available in the Nintendo eShop at the same time.

  • Chimera Blade From Team Ladybug/WSS and PlayISM Stadium: In the future dystopian city of Osaka, a group known as the Missa Association is tasked with protecting the city from demon attacks. One of its members sets out on this deadly mission when things take an unexpected turn in this 2D pixel art game. Wield the powerful sword of Lumina, a demon turned deadly weapon. Not only does this blade slice through enemies, but it can also interfere with time itself – restoring previously destroyed stairs, bridges, and platforms to access new areas. Can you master the powers of the Lumina Sword? Chimera Blade It’s rolling out to Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in Spring 2024.

  • Death Trick: Double Blind From Misty Mountain Studio and Neon Doctrine: In this non-linear detective visual novel set in Morgan’s traveling circus, star witch Hattie has disappeared. An unlikely duo—one a fellow magician, the other a private eye suffering from a bout of amnesia—investigate Hattie’s disappearance in turns, each using his or her own perspective and information. With only a limited number of actions, they must carefully decide what leads to pursue, looking for inconsistencies in the evidence. By sorting through the clues and identifying each eccentric character, they must solve the case by challenging anyone who seems deceitful. Death Trick: Double Blind It launches first for consoles on Nintendo Switch in 2024. A free demo will be available in the Nintendo eShop later today.

  • The star named EOS From Silver Lining Studio and PLAYISM: Immerse yourself in a beautiful, hand-drawn panoramic world and immerse yourself in a first-person storytelling puzzle adventure game that explores photography and the ways we can capture the fleeting moments that shape our lives. Play as Dei, a young photographer following in his mother’s footsteps. Find and collect items filled with memories, and help Dei find the truth behind his mother’s absence. The star named EOS Nintendo Switch releases in spring 2024.

  • Moonstone Island From Studio Supersoft and Raw Fury: This slice of life creature collecting, dungeon crawling, and deck building feature includes 100 procedurally generated islands in the sky to explore with the goal of becoming a world-famous alchemist. There are over 60 awesome souls to collect in compelling card-based combat. While you relax and become part of the community, you can craft items, take care of your farm, brew potions, decorate your house, make friends with the local villagers, and even fall in love. Moonstone Island It launches on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in spring 2024.

  • Basic guard From Pugstorm and Fireshine Games: Explore a vast cavern filled with creatures, relics, and resources in this mining adventure, where up to eight players can work together in online co-op multiplayer.* As an adventurer drawn toward a mysterious relic, it’s up to you to uncover the secrets of this long-forgotten world. long time. Whether you choose to take things slowly by gathering resources, growing crops, and building bases, or dive into the action by leveling up your skills, fighting ancient bosses, and exploring the ever-changing landscape, Basic guard invites you to play the game your own way when it launches for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2024.

In addition to the titles mentioned above, this Indie World presentation also includes a montage of more indie games in development for Nintendo Switch, including:

  • Planet Lanaa cinematic puzzle adventure framed by an epic sci-fi saga spanning centuries and galaxies, is launching on Nintendo Switch in spring 2024.

  • Enjoy dinnera mystery narrative adventure with point-and-click elements, is available on Nintendo Switch later today!

  • Gecko godsa cozy puzzle game starring a young gecko who must explore a group of mysterious islands and temples on a quest to save his friends, will launch on Nintendo Switch in spring 2024.

  • Passepartout 2: The Lost Artist, A drawing adventure in which you’re invited to explore the magical city of Phénix while creating and selling works of art, available on Nintendo Switch later today!

  • Cue: Anniversary Editiona remaster of the popular puzzle game, with updated graphics and sound, as well as newly added developer commentary, will launch for Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2024.

  • Urban Myth Solution Centera captivating puzzle game where you’re tasked with investigating curses, haunted houses, and other urban legends, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024.

  • Celestial bodiesa challenging, physics-based space puzzle game that asks you to complete a series of seemingly simple tasks aboard a 1970s space station, is coming to Nintendo Switch in February 2024.

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