New details reveal the updated design of the Google Pixel Fold 2

New details reveal the updated design of the Google Pixel Fold 2

Last year’s Pixel Fold was one of Google’s notable releases. How do you plan to improve your first foldable phone and support Android partners?

Although the Pixel Fold wasn’t a commercial success, it clearly demonstrated Google’s commitment to Android-powered foldable devices (just as the Pixel Tablet did the same for the large-screen device market).

The Pixel Fold wasn’t a huge hit with critics, while the design was well-received due to the heavy weight of the device, as well as the display and overall durability. Even with the sky-high expectations for a foldable phone, the Pixel Fold’s $1,800 price tag was seen as a steep price.

For many, the first-generation Pixel Fold was a well-deserved, wary admiration while waiting to see what the second iteration of the book-like foldable device would offer.

We’re starting to get some signs of the next Fold thanks to leaked images of the Pixel Fold 2 during its design process.

The leak shows the engineering verification test unit – which has been put together by a potential production line in very limited numbers to work through any design or manufacturing issues. As such, it’s not necessarily close to the final product, but it does provide an outline of the Pixel Fold 2’s role… that of supporting actor for the latest crop of foldable devices.

One notable feature of the EVT unit is the external display change. Instead of the nearly square 17.4:9 ratio of the original Fold, the Pixel Fold 2 is expected to use a narrower aspect ratio. This will make it closer to a regular phone screen and give end users a more natural Android experience.

It’s an approach that other foldable manufacturers are taking, albeit in reverse, thanks to the first few foldable devices featuring incredibly tall and narrow outer cover displays that were, in their own way, downright awkward with the Android UI like the Pixel Fold.

The report also points to a change in the Pixel Fold’s camera bar. Google has been making the camera island a distinct design feature on its smartphones and bringing it to the First Fold. The Fold 2 EVT moves towards an isolated camera island, although the change in body would be easier to implement than replacing the screen… although as an EVT model, all of this is possible if the desire is there.

What is clear is that Google continues to support foldable devices both within the Android software stack and explicitly with support for Pixel devices.

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