New clubhouse, commercial hunting and bear trails

New clubhouse, commercial hunting and bear trails

The Oldham Club on Park Avenue, showing basement parking and a rustic bridge connecting to the Bartlett Hotel property across the lane.

CHARLEVOIX – One hundred and fifty years ago, the Charlevoix Sentinel of November 15, 1873 heralded the approach of the dark season with these encouraging words: “The loud blasts of winter and the smoke of buckwheat cakes loom on the horizon.” That sounds delicious on a cold day.

The same issue spoke to the potential trauma of traveling on Lake Michigan before navigation ceased for the winter and into early spring. “Navigation of the lake is about to end. In a few weeks, all the vehicles will have to go to winter quarters, and the travel will be over. A day or so ago, the messenger left Milwaukee at two o’clock in the afternoon and was seventeen on his way to Grand Haven.” “There was for some time in the last place the fear of the boat being lost. It was a most rough and dangerous voyage. The supply of fuel was cut off, and flour and other materials to the value of $200 had to be used in kindling the fires. The false bulkhead around the engine-room was torn by the work of the boat, and a lamp exploded.” in the writer’s room, causing a momentary panic.The entire segment was one that won’t soon be forgotten.

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