Ned’s Top 5 Lures for Fishing

Ned’s Top 5 Lures for Fishing

Ah… Ned Rigg.

The Ned Rig is a popular and effective ingenious technique for bass fishing. Named after Ned Kehde, a legendary angler and pioneer of fine fishing in the Midwest, the Ned Rig is known for its simplicity and ability to catch bass, especially in tough fishing conditions or when the fish are less active…like the cold water months we’re experiencing right now .

The smaller offering makes bass, whether largemouth, smallmouth or speckles, an easy meal that doesn’t require a lot of “thinking,” so to speak. Think of it like the bowl of peanuts or pretzels sitting on the counter or top of the bar… eventually, you’ll grab a handful without even thinking about it.

The Ned Rig uses a small mushroom-shaped tip, usually 1/16 to 1/4 ounce (I usually use 1/10), although some situations may require heavier weight and a faster fall. The mushroom shape helps it stand upright when it’s on the bottom, but it’s really important to have a floating bait to achieve the perfect action (believe it or not, some Ned baits aren’t buoyant at all).

A soft plastic bait is inserted onto the jig head, usually small stick worms or small creature baits, between 2 and 4 inches long. I recommend a medium-light spinning rod for Ned Rig fishing, with 8-pound braid to an 8-pound fluorocarbon leader.

Bass anglers often use the drag-and-dead stick technique, where they cast the rig, let it sink to the bottom, and then slowly retract it, occasionally stopping to let the bait sit still. However, it can also be jigged along the bottom, or bounced along the bottom with a fixed retrieve like a swimbait. Penis twitches and vibrations can add to the oscillatory action.

You’ll need to target rocky bottoms, weed edges and open water, but it can work almost anywhere. They are especially effective in clear or compact water where a more subtle presentation can attract delicate bass.

So, what exactly do you need? Let’s dig a little deeper into the hardware:

Need rig gear

Recommended bars:

Budget: St. Spinning rod. Croix Bass X – 6′10 ML XF – $86.99

Average price: Shimano Intenza Spinning 7′ ML XF – $149.99

Quality: Daiwa Tatula Elite ASG Spinning 7’1″ M Fast – $299.00

Ned Riggs Jeggies:

ZMan Micro Finesse Shroomz – 1/10

And now…on to the grafts…

Top 5 Ned Lures

5. Strike King Rage Need Bag

Colors: Blue Crow, Morning Dawn, Bama Crow

4. Ned’s Robotic Worms

Colors: Aaron’s Magic, Breaking Dawn, Green Pumpkinfish

3. Need Bomb Baits Rocket

Colors: Blue Green Pumpkin Pulp, Fried Watermelon, PB&J

2. Z-Man Finesse TRD

Colors: Goby Green Pumpkin, Goby Bryant, Green Pumpkin

1. Rapala City Crash Need BLT

Colors: Goby, Copperrose, Green Pumpkin Charm

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