MOXIE, the Mars Oxygen Generator The Perseverance Rover has produced oxygen

Scientists said this week that a two-year experiment to see if NASA could produce oxygen on Mars has ended up producing enough breathable air on the Red Planet to help a small dog survive.

The device used to produce the oxygen, known as MOXIE (Mars Oxygen Resource In situ utilization), is part of the Mars Perseverance Rover. MOXIE was created to see if Martian air could produce oxygen, and the machine ran two years of tests and experiments to explore the answer.

The device was made by the creators of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help study future human exploration. According to a NASA press release, the device has already produced 122 grams of oxygen, the equivalent of 10 hours of breathable air for a small dog. MOXY produced 12 grams of oxygen per hour with a purity of 98%, which exceeded NASA’s original expectations.

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