More Bluefin Tuna, Tautog, and Red Drum

More Bluefin Tuna, Tautog, and Red Drum

Written by Scott Lennox

More Bluefin Tuna, Tautog, and Red Drum

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We had a light breeze from the west today, but it was nice and sunny and an overall nice day in December. The boat ramp in western OC was full of trucks and trailers owned by fishermen trying their luck at what hurts this time of year.

Something that usually isn’t that biting this time of year, but has been biting very well the past few weeks is the bluefin tuna just offshore. Some truly amazing fish have been caught and harvested, and some fish larger than the 73 inch limit have been released. Today, Travis Smith and his brothers Bob and Dave Werner caught this magnificent bluefin fish measuring 57 inches long and weighing 125 pounds. The fish ate a 6-ounce go-shot with a ball trailing behind it just 4 miles offshore.

Captain Chase Eberle of Chasin Tides Charters had a beautiful day of ocean bottom fishing today when he put his anglers on the limit of a tautog and this beautiful red drum.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a beautiful day of beach surfing today.

Light rail switch 12/14/23 I stayed glued to the beach today. He was in no mood to deal with 18/19 knots of westerly winds further out. It’s all about ‘fetch’. The more miles of open water the wind can travel, the worse the sea heights will be. Vahe and Renat dropped 20 blocks and some terracotta pipes into Sue’s Block Drop (where Tanner took some photos!) – wrapped around the anchor. These fellows didn’t collect on their reef karma, but they sure caught a lot of drag. The fishing certainly wasn’t slow. I’ve seen unbelievably worse. Mark even took Morning Star’s limit of 2 males/1 female. Bring back lots of ‘Third Fin Rippers’ including 5 previously tagged. See moray fish and one on the scale plate for examples of a third fin being torn off. No gumbo. I think we’ll have to run cbass well for a decade or so before this happens. I used to catch DD tog in sight of the ground regularly – lots of them. But when did the sea bass closures start? Efforts exploded on Tautog – on the beach in particular. The same thing happened with flounder on the beach. When the luck closed with absolute rubbish data showing 50,000 pounds of summer flounder caught off the beaches of OC and MD’s Assateague (yeah right!) fifty thousand pounds were caught surfing.. Uh huh.. It closed in September, and suddenly a large number of flounder fishermen needed something to do – and suddenly the inshore tow stock was cut to maximum size. The men who kept it to themselves still cry about it. NOAA says they will fix MRIP. for now? More pain from bad data. Tomorrow is another sea bass trip – then a big hit. First real one in a while. I hope it doesn’t kill the sting!Cheers, Monty

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