Modern Warfare III maps according to PlayStation players – PlayStation.Blog

Modern Warfare III maps according to PlayStation players – PlayStation.Blog

In just over a week since the global release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, the multiplayer experience has showcased an immersive gameplay environment featuring signature fast-paced and responsive action mechanics, along with tactical improvements and enhanced TTK, urging PlayStation players to navigate fluid and strategic combat scenarios. .

Sledgehammer Games has completely revamped the action, but that’s not the only highlight this year. In addition to many other new and returning features, map voting returns in Modern Warfare III. Based on map voting results during the first week of play, we got insight into PlayStation players’ map preferences so far – Rust took first place, Terminal took second place, and Scrapyard took third place. The popularity of these maps is clear, and whether players are familiar with them or encountering them for the first time, we’ve got some insider details and tips below to help you master these top-voted maps.


The iconic desert arena, located in the oil fields of the Urzikstan Desert, makes a triumphant return in Modern Warfare III. This small square map features a commanding central tower, allowing PlayStation players to engage in fast-paced 1v1 battles and strategic skirmishes on the ground.

We caught up with Matt Abbott, Technical Director at Sledgehammer Games who gave us some insight into Modern Warfare III’s Rust update strategy:

“The idea of ​​updating the look of a map like Rust, at first, seems like a bit of an oxymoron. What does a rusty, abandoned industrial environment look like when it’s updated? With that in mind, we sought out some compelling modern locations that provide the answers we need to develop Rust with a view to Balancing the aesthetic improvements of our engine with the modern traverse of the MWIII.

“We chose a larger, modern form language and simpler material harmony. Because of this, we were able to clean up some of the complex visual hesitations of the original map. By updating the style, it gave us some tools we can use to reduce material contrast, free up visual clutter, and highlight traversal messages that It wasn’t available in the original. We’re big fans of Rust and the legacy it has as a platform to prove who’s the best of the best. That’s why we wanted this version of Rust to “shine” in ways that newcomers and hardcore competitive players alike would notice.

Winning tip: A good tip for Rust is to always keep an eye on the tower in the middle of the map. Thanks to the various access points, the tower becomes the focal point of the conflict and a good grenade can be a game-changer, helping to eliminate the enemies nested in the tower. Assess your opponent’s location, deploy your grenade strategically and be prepared for a potential clean-up operation if your enemy survives the explosion.


The terminal welcomes you at Zakhiv International Airport. This classic medium-sized map in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare universe offers diverse gameplay opportunities, allowing PlayStation players to choose between Terminal and Apron, accommodating different playstyles and strategies.

Our conversation with Matt Abbott also provided valuable insights into the approach taken to updating Terminal for Modern Warfare III:

“The goal behind how we developed the look of this fan-favorite map was to make the terminal look like a modern, functioning international airport. It started with the exterior architecture. We wanted to introduce curved shapes into the roofline while maintaining the Killstreak windows of the original. The choices became clearer from It’s up there when it comes to what this airport will look like from the inside. We wanted the map to be colorful but restrained to message the player. The art, furniture, paint color and surfaces were chosen for the same purpose. To give the map a modern look and help the player know where they are at first glance.

“There were plenty of opportunities in this map to introduce textures that would highlight our latest display features such as glass, chrome trim, LED lighting, and reflective tiles. All of these things contribute to a clean, modern aesthetic that balances a realistic look with competitive play.” .

Winning tip: We also had the pleasure of hearing from Greg Reisdorf, Modern Warfare III’s Multiplayer Director, to give us some good advice for players when they get to the console:

“The Guardian Killstreak works great in Terminal Dominating or Hardpoint. Use it near the library entrance to block the path and control the flow of the map.

Scrap yard

This battlefield is set in an aircraft boneyard surrounded by buildings, creating an intense environment where players can strategically navigate through intense CQC in the fuselage and engage in sniper battles between two major warehouses.

To round out the convoy in these first three maps, Matt Abbott sheds some light on the strategic decisions involved in bringing the Scrapyard into the modern era of Modern Warfare III.

“The original Scrapyard gave us a great starting point to highlight some of the latest display technology that we felt would show how far technology has come. Low sun, colorful skies, and reflected light shadows often challenge player visibility in multiplayer maps. For Scrapyard, we relied heavily on Big on the actual lighting in the real world to provide enough bounce to make the map look exciting while at the same time emphasizing the player’s vision.Normally, these two things don’t go hand in hand, but we were able to find this harmony thanks to our cutting-edge rendering technology.

“A late change we made to the map that meshed well with these goals was that we made the material on the fuselage very reflective. This was a mirror of the sky box that brought a lot of color and drama in the sky to the natural tones of the abandoned junkyard. Is it realistic? “For the fuselage of an abandoned plane to be this shiny? Probably not. Does it really look cool? We thought so.”

Winning tip: Gathering insights from Greg Reisdorf, Modern Warfare III’s multiplayer director, we sought out useful advice for Scrapyard players:

“For Scrapyard, I’m all about climbing boots to get to the tops of planes. Jump onto the delivery truck near Domination Point B, then jump to the plane deck to catch a few players off guard before jumping to a safe place.

With the positivity the Call of Duty community has been showing Modern Warfare III Multiplayer since its launch on November 10, the return of beloved maps like Rust, Terminal, and Scrapyard is a big reason why. Be sure to jump into MWIII today to play these three maps, plus the other thirteen fully updated 6v6 base maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). These maps, in addition to the new maps arriving in Season 1, promise to provide hours and hours of intense and fun MP action.

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