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District 9 – Brainerd District

CO (Conservation Officer) Tony Flirlig (Crosby) I worked the busy Labor Day weekend checking in on fishermen, boaters, and ATVs. The warm weather made it easy for one of the hunters to dry his shorts, until this officer came over. The fisherman presented his defense of getting wet and assured the officer that they don’t usually fish in their underwear.

CO C. Guida (Brainard) I worked a busy week off. Boat safety implemented in action with COC Jamus Veit. The officers dealt with numerous violations involving watercraft, including the arrest of a disabled boat driver. ATV connections were made and an adult was cited for allowing a juvenile to perform an illegal operation. Guida and Veit monitored the early wild duck and geese seasons. Some hunters succeeded despite the hot conditions.

CO Andrew Ladzinski (Paine River) He answered a slew of questions at the Minnesota State Fair DNR Info Booth. He also worked as a security detail at the Minnesota State Fair. He followed the complaints of waterfowl hunters who hunted in a restricted area. Executive action was taken not to renew the ATV registration.

CO Andrew Dirks, Cuyona State Recreation Area (CCSRA), spent time checking out early teal hunters, watercraft, and ATV riders during a busy, hot Labor Day weekend. Enforcement actions included various ATV violations, no PFDs on non-motorized watercraft, taking migratory waterfowl other than wild ducks during the closed season, along with licensing violations.

CO Chelsea Beast (Pequat Lakes) Bear and waterfowl hunters, as well as the usual quad bike traffic, worked over the weekend. Legal measures were taken against various violations.

The second district – Bemidji district

Co-Price Fulbrecht (Bemidji #1) Continue to field training with CO Nick Bruesewitz. The officers spent the week patrolling Beltrami County lakes for fishing and boating. Time was spent examining bear baits and early wild duck hunters.

CO Jake Swedberg (Detroit Lakes) I spent time working on my ATV and bear hunting activities last week. With the warm weather not many bear hunters were seen but there were plenty of ATV riders outside. The early wild duck and goose season has started well for most hunters, as there seem to be quite a few wild ducks in the area. Another time was spent patrolling the Lakes. Swedberg also assisted Becker County at BWI in Little Detroit Lake.

CO Brit Fox (Bemidji #2) Spent the week patrolling for ATV activity, fishing and watercraft. He also worked with other officers in enforcing a bear-baiting policy over the weekend. Fox has also represented DNR in a pistol competition with agencies from other states.

CO Michael Cross (Lake George) Worked ATV, hunting, boating and water, early opener catching wild ducks/geese, and bears. Cross also helped out at the Minnesota State Fair at the information booth answering people’s questions. Cross saw heavy traffic throughout Labor Day weekend in the Park Rapids and Lake George area. Enforcement actions were taken for bear hunting, hunting and boating violations.

CO Jordan Anderson (Wadena) It had a wide variety of activities to choose from with the opening of bear seasons, early teal, and early goose seasons, along with Labor Day weekend. Addressed a variety of ATV and boat violations. Cases of forest encroachment were also investigated.

CO Patrick McGowan (Walker) Field training for the new custody officer continues. Officers patrolled Cass County, Hubbard and Crow Wing lakes all week for fishing and boating activities. Officers worked on an over-limit case at 11th Crow Wing Lake and found two people over-limited by 67 sunfish. The officers also patrolled state and national forest roads for ATV activity. Many violations were detected and addressed.

CO Jack Hughes (Longville) Check hunting and ATV activity. She also responded to a car accident. Execution measures were taken for lack of a license in possession.

Ko Kure Sora (Reamer) Hunting activity of geese and early wild ducks has been observed. Some duck hunters have called their local office to report an injured swan. The swan was brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where it was discovered that it had been shot in the back. ATV activity in the area was also patrolled, and enforcement action was taken to allow a juvenile ATV rider to ride without a helmet.

CO Marc Mathey (Cass Lake) I worked on a very busy and hot weekend. The boat owners enjoyed the hot weather while others, such as the bear hunters, found the conditions and success too difficult. Early season wild duck and goose hunters have also been scrutinized, with better success among goose hunters. Fishermen have had some success catching perch. Enforcement actions were taken for waterfowl hunting, boating, angling, ATV, and OHM violations.

CO Adam Sieverman (Staples) Verifies reports from early wild duck hunters, assists other agencies and assists with AIS inspections. Enforcement action has been taken for waterfowl violations related to the early teal season. The K9 Jet was used to search for illegally caught out-of-season waterfowl.

District 10 – Mill Lax District

CO Gregory Verquelin (garrison) Examination of hunting activity and complaints of shooting, which were found to be hunting activity. Warm conditions made for plenty of water recreation, although boats and docks are starting to take off from the lakes. Fishing success was good considering the high water temperatures.

CO Victoria Griffith (Island) He spent time working detailing on the subway most days of the week. Time was also spent working on the litter box on state lands. ATV activity and hunting was monitored.

CO Nate Penkowski (McGregor) Waterfowl watching, bear hunting, wild rice hunting and quad biking activity in the area. Enforcement actions were taken for negligence in operating dirt bikes, failure to renew ATV registration, and trespassing. Coastline violations were also investigated.

CO Dan Starr (Onamia) I worked on animal nuisance complaints and got some information about a bull deer that was photographed in Morrison County. Early teal season is over, as people complain about the heat. The rice harvesters were inspected, and details worked out at the Minnesota State Fair.

CO Ashley Whitewalk (Aitken) I spent time patrolling fishing, harvesting wild rice, ATV activity, bear hunting/hunting, early goose season and early teal season. The officer also patrolled around MacGregor on his wild rice days. Enforcement action has been taken for various ATV-related violations.

District 11 – St. Cloud District

CO Stephen Westby (Little Falls) I spent the weekend working on bear, early teal geese, and early geese openers in the area. Many wild ducks and geese were seen by all the hunters, most of whom were caught early due to the heat. Bear hunting complaints have been addressed and many questions answered. A complaint of dogs chasing deer was also dealt with. Enforcement measures taken included taking ducks in closed season, failure to wear a life jacket, a party hunting violation, and deer chasing by dogs.

CO Caleb Silggord (SOC Center) Resume station duties after assisting in the last CO Academy. Time was spent working on security details for the State Fair over the weekend. Questions were raised regarding openers hunting geese and wild ducks, as well as a complaint of animal disturbance.

CO Todd Vanderoist (Painesville) Fishing and waterfowl activity worked last week. Hunters have had success with domestic geese in a few select fields. Other hunters are closed. Teal hunter violations included mistaking a small wooden duck for a teal, lack of life jackets, rifle disconnected, poison shot and stamp violations.

CO Keith Bertram (Long Prairie) I spent the week checking out bear hunters, waterfowl hunters, boaters, and fishermen. Enforcement action was taken for no license, stamps, illegal fishing, or various boating violations. Bertram also attended training related to the new laws.

District 12 – Princeton District

CO Mike Crowell (MORA) I spent the week checking out the hunters. Krauel also worked on a busy teal opener. Krauel also worked on demos and security for the K9 at the Minnesota State Fair

CO Ryan Hanna (Melaka) I worked at the DNR info booth at the state fair last week and saw some familiar faces. While there, Hana posted questions about upcoming seasons and more. He also worked on early goose and teal openers.

CO Adam Stennett (Sauk Rapids) I worked at the DNR info booth at the state fair and also helped with state fair security this week.

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