Mini Mahi, chubby flounder, and big eye

Written by Scott Lennox

Man, I had an absolutely amazing day on Morning Star today with my friend Brian Mindt from Sunset Provisions while filming a new episode of Hooked on OC. Captain Monty Hawkins showed us some good Mahi fishing, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. I will let him explain as usual!!

A fine morning in early September; Quiet as you could really wish. A memorial reef training course was held for Captain Bob Jawar where longtime reef builder friend Scott Lennox worked on the reef blocks that exist today. Bobby’s Reef would be the first to bring him to 5,000 (and many more!) while Jimmy Jackson’s Reef would be the first to reach 3,000. Both men have been missed by many.

The hunt started with a few goose eggs, then we got a dozen or so. I worked and worked – looking all day. Nothing easy about it. Another good shot came to them, a few singles, and a nice one that missed the line and took off; Then we found a good school of fish that I was looking for. This is where the picture of a lady throwing the hook was taken and where Big John took the pool. (If the pond was tall? Scott would have pulled it off. But Mahi Big John was heavier, a good fisherman and had much thicker slices!

In the “Yeah, yeah, sure” section: A lady on the ship today had the classic “big guy got away” anecdote. Hmmm..but!! The picture of Mahi bouncing is her fish – the top part is her bait and hook! Proof of that, yes, unfortunately, her eldest son ran away.

As mentioned earlier, Hooked on OC’s Scott Lennox was on board today. He might have had enough to show for it. It is broadcast nationally on WMDT and on YouTube as well. This offer is after a few weeks..

Mahi hunting is not as good as I would have hoped. not yet. Certainly not terrible though.

We will continue to fish the Mahi during the week until the storm turns the waters. Will target sea bass weekends until closed for the first 9 days of October.

Hopefully Monday’s Fluke flights will return in our favour – and maybe carry us through the cbass shutdown?

I hope so.



Captain Chris Mizorak of the Angler reported a good meal of sea bass on the day’s trip as well as some nice flounder of up to 5.5 lbs.

Captain Joe Drusy of Rhonda’s Osprey had a great day out in the valley with new customers who set them on three white marlins and some mahi for dinner.

Chris Ford and crew broke a rod doing this, but they still got that 171-pound screw to the boat!

Jeff Weeks took his buddies Dave Brown Sr. and Son out to the pots today and had some fun catching Mahi and Almaco.

Captain Mark Spagnola of Dusk to Dawn Bowfishing had a great time day and night on the water showing his archers a great time with cownose and southern rays.

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