Microsoft Edge now gets your data from Chrome after the update

Microsoft Edge now gets your data from Chrome after the update

Microsoft can’t stop trying to convince you to switch to Edge, as the browser is stealing your open tabs from Google Chrome more aggressively.

Since its launch in 2020, the new Microsoft Edge has proven to be a powerful browser, but Microsoft has never stopped being a powerful browser. very Aggressive about trying to get you to use Edge instead of other browsers, especially Chrome. Microsoft and Google have been moving on this issue for many years, and Microsoft even buried your default browser settings on Windows 11 for a while.

Also now getting some attention this week, another tactic Microsoft is using is having Edge copy all your active tabs from Google Chrome, so, if you end up in Edge, you can pick up where you left off.

the edge This week I noticed that when I update a Windows computer, Microsoft Edge automatically opens after a reboot and shows all the tabs that were used in Google Chrome on the same device. This is despite not using Edge on this device, and Edge never asking to sync data from Chrome. On another device after the update (and system restore), the same thing happened.

As it turns out, Microsoft, in the latest Windows updates, seems to be making more aggressive use of the existing setting that imports data from Chrome into Edge every time you launch the browser.

We first reported on this setting when it launched back in 2022, with Microsoft Edge allowing users to “import browser data on every launch.” This option can be turned off through Edge settings (edge://settings/profiles/importBrowsingData), but what seems to be changing now is that Microsoft is pushing this setting on users after Windows updates.

Zach Edwards On Twitter/X I found itDuring setup after the update, Windows added a new option that is turned on by default which is described by saying:

With your confirmation, Microsoft Edge will regularly fetch data from other browsers available on your Windows device. This data includes your favorites, browsing history, cookies, autofill data, extensions, settings, and other browsing data.

Microsoft then briefly instructs users on how to disable this, and on a separate screen, nudges users to accept this behavior while offering a “Not Now” option.

Furthermore, some have noticed that even with this import setting disabled, Edge still imports Chrome data every time they start it. Microsoft has not commented on this behavior, but it has been observed by a fair number of users Twitter/XReddit and Microsoft forums over the past few months.

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