Meta Quest 3 adds support for spatial video and pinch controls

Meta Quest 3 adds support for spatial video and pinch controls

Official meta Mother of President Mark Zuckerberghe turned his head toward the back seat of the minivan to tell all of Apple’s obsessed Meta Quest 3 customers, “We have Vision Pro at homeThe company plans to facilitate Apple’s “spatial video” within its footprint Meta Quest 3 Hopefully even more augmented reality capabilities Vision Pro as “dial controls” It will support the company’s ambitions in the field of virtual reality.

Company Upcoming v62 release Next week starting February 7 will include a Full spatial video gallery (With a preview for Quest users) so iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, and even Vision Pro users can watch their 3D videos Quest 2, Quest ProAnd Task 3 headphones. Zuckerberg showed it off on his Instagram account, showing a pair of pine trees while looking out through the Quest 3 corridor.

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth He said In Threads Quest users were actually watching spatial videos through their headphones, although it was another complicated process. Apple’s spatial video works by encoding it from two perspectives simultaneously, allowing it to be displayed on both lenses of the VR headset, giving it that 3D effect. Instead of going through the hassle of doing the spatial work in Quest, users will now have a full gallery to view their 3D content. These videos are limited to 20 minutes on the Quest 3, and are practically unlimited on Apple’s MR device.

But the Quest appears to be taking more cues from Apple’s debut VR release. Now, users can use the pinch gesture to open the general menu. Tapping the same gesture will also update the headset display once your field of view starts to deviate. The upcoming 62nd version also includes some other improvements, like support for up to 15 spaces so you can easily move from room to room without having to rescan every environment in Quest 3. It’s the kind of smoothness that Apple’s Vision Pro already prides itself on, and it looks like Mita is trying to keep up with the neighbors.

the $500 Quest 3 It’s a capable headset, and the best version of the company’s VR technology for its price. This device costs one-seventh the price of the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro, and Meta is likely hoping that all the interest in Apple’s first foray into the mixed reality scene will be a tide that lifts all boats.

This is especially important now that the company has revealed… Latest quarterly financial report On Thursday, it showed that the company’s VR-focused Reality Labs division had an operating loss of $4.65 billion on $1 billion in sales, bringing total losses to $42 billion since 2020. Zuckerberg told investors that “Quest 3 is off to a strong start.” I expect it will remain the most popular mixed reality device.

Annual losses are expected in the VR space at this point, and the company reported a 25% year-over-year sales increase. This was despite a decline in the VR market, with sales falling by 40% at the end of 2023, according to data from research firm Circana reported. CNBC.

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