Merry Christmas to your fellow anglers – Ukiah Daily Magazine

Merry Christmas to your fellow anglers – Ukiah Daily Magazine

Lake Mendocino in our backyard gave my bass fishing friend, Steve Black, an early Christmas present. Steve holds a nice healthy bass that he hooked while fishing with Mark Crook last Saturday. Mark also caught a couple. Well done gentlemen! (Image contributed)

* My grandfather (Don) would often say when you asked him how things were going, “Oh, it’s sunshine and buttercups!” He always put a smile on my face. Well, now I have to say, “It’s liquid sunshine and buttercups!” Maybe I’m just a dancer, but the recent rain we’ve received has put a little spring in my step and a smile on my face. Thank God! Thank God for the rain!

BLUE LAKES: Well, fishing has slowed down on Upper Blue Lake. Not much because there aren’t any fish/trout to catch. The rain has prompted fishermen to look out their windows for a break from the weather, so they can make a mad dash to the lake. Before the rain started, some nice trout were caught fishing. A few were even hooked from the beach along the highway. 20. Maybe we’ll get a day or so of sun so we’ll have a chance to get in the water soon?

Clear Lake: Well, the way to fish Clear Lake is to use minnows. I’m one of those who prefers not to use live bait, but if you want to catch some bass, this is your ticket to the winter months. Consider using crankbaits, jerkbaits or plastics first, then if nothing works, try live bait. It’s all fun anyway!

Catfish fishing has been hit or miss, and anglers who have had some success have been using minnows as well. The hotspots were the Indian Beach area, Shag Rock and the north side of the lake.

Lake Sonoma: The fish are very strong and stick tight to Sonoma. You have to work hard to get two or three bass. Pretty much everything caught is small, from 1 to 3 pounds. The most successful lure was a Lucky Craft LV500 crankbait. Try throwing it out and letting it sink to the bottom, then shaking it and then slowly turning it. Give it another shake and let it settle to the bottom. Repeats. Good color for the winter months is usually bright. I’ll start with Chartreuse. I’ve never tried live bait on a Sonoma. Maybe a shot would be worth it?

Lake Pillsbury: Lake Pillsbury is still producing some good fishing. Both trout and bass are still being caught. The lake has been drained. The way I look at it is that this eliminates fishing on the north end of the lake. The reduced amount of water to cover increases the odds of catching fish. The road coming from Potter Valley is still in good condition. Stop by the Soda Creek Store. Ask what the hot spot is for that day.

*So, have you bought that fishing pole for a kid yet? Time is running out, you only have a few days. Some of my best memories are those spent fishing with my boys. Make a memory.

Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Remember to keep it reeled. Thanks, Don-4RealVision

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