Meet Akash Todi: the man who heads Kolkata-based Lux ​​Industries and puts it on the world map; Learn about the history of the brand and more

As India liberated itself from the shackles of colonial rule, many Indians came to cater to Indians only to preserve their Indian identity. One such brand that has stood the test of time is Lux Industries, which manufactures men’s underwear and is by far a favorite brand for men across the country. The company, founded by Giridhari Lal Todi in 1957 as Biswanath Hosiery Mills, became Lux Industries Ltd. In 1995, ushering in a new era when his sons took over the management. Lux has quickly risen to the top of everyone’s favorite lingerie brand in the country. Ashok Modi is the man leading this multinational brand at present and has proven his mettle as a leader.

Lux start

In the year 1875, Girdharilal Toddy started a brand with a vision of creating a brand that specifically catered to the needs of Indians. The brand started under the name Biswanath Hosiery Mills. The business has been taken forward by second generation entrepreneurs with proven management control, since 1964. The brand quickly gained popularity and started emerging as a favorite among Indians. In 1992, they revealed their first TV commercial, “Ye Andar Ki Baat Hai”, which featured Sunny Deol. The logo is still popular in the contemporary era and has been an iconic logo that audiences can instantly associate with the brand.

Ashok Todi leadership

The Chairman of the company is Ashok Kumar Todi, son of the late Girdarilal Todi and a commerce graduate. His expertise is in marketing the company’s products and setting various policies for the growth and expansion of the business all over India. He comes from a distinguished family that has been in the lingerie business for over 50 years. He has revived the investigation into new plans for dealers, distributors and customers. Mr. Ashok Kumar Todi has ties with a number of charitable organizations in India.

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In 1993, LUX went abroad and began to export products to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In 1995, the incorporation of Lux Industries Limited as a public limited company, making Lux the flagship company of the group, opened doors to new opportunities for them. With the business spreading to nooks and crannies of the country, in 1998, they opened their office in Delhi.

Over the years, Lux has managed to bring in some of the biggest names from B-Town as their ambassador. In 2010, SRK was the advertising face of ONN, a new launch of Lux.

Lux Industries expanded its portfolio and in 2012 launched the women’s leggings brand Lyra, which has turned this unique bottomwear product into one of the business’s defining success stories.

Lux Industries has successfully established itself in the market as a brand that caters to Indians and has withstood the test of time to be the number one choice of all!

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