Mauritania Maps and Facts – World Atlas

Mauritania Maps and Facts – World Atlas

Physical map of Mauritania with country borders, terrain, desert landmarks, highest peak and more.

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Mauritania, a country located in northwest Africa, has an area of ​​1,030,000 square kilometers. It is mostly a dry and arid country, with much of the population clinging to coastal towns or near the Senegal River in the south. Mauritania shares borders with four other countries, Western Sahara, Senegal, Algeria, and Mali. The capital, Nouakchott, is also the largest.

Senegal River It is the country’s most important waterway. Giving the people of Mauritania access to water for irrigation. The small amount of agriculture that occurs in this nation is done either in the South or along the Atlantic coast. The river is also a vital artery for trade, commerce and transportation.

the desert It makes up the majority of Mauritania’s landscape and area. It is very difficult to live in the northern and eastern parts of the country or establish any serious urban center. Although it may be deserted, it offers a certain level of beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The most notable feature of this area is the Rishat Core, also known as the Eye of the Desert, a deeply eroded dome composed of a variety of intrusive and intrusive igneous rocks.

Mauritania has a generally flat landscape with vast plains interspersed with occasional ridges or cliff-like outcrops. The plains in the center of the country are dotted with a series of sandstone plateaus that give way to spring-fed oases. As can be seen on the map, three-quarters of Mauritania’s landscape is desert or semi-desert, and as a result of severe drought, the arid lands are expanding. There are no large lakes or rivers in the country. The highest point in the country is Kidet Egil at 3,001 feet (915 m); The lowest point in Mauritania is Te-n-Dghamcha at -16 feet (-5 m).

Mauritania map regions

Mauritania has 12 main administrative divisions called regions or states. They are, in alphabetical order, as follows: Adrar, Assaba, Brakna, Dakhlet Nouadhibou, Karghol, Guidimagha, Hodh El-Gharbi, Hodh El-Gharbi, Inchiri, Tagant, Terres Zemmour, and Trarza. It also has a capital region called Nouakchott. These regions are divided into 44 provinces or departments, which in turn are divided into 216 groups.

With an area of ​​252,900 square kilometres, Tiris Zemmour is the largest region while the Hodh El Sharqi region is the most populated.

Where is Mauritania located?

A map showing the location of Mauritania in the world.

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Mauritania is a country located in northwest Africa in the western and northern hemispheres of the world. It is bordered by four countries. Western Sahara to the north and northwest, Senegal to the southeast, Mali to the southeast and east, and Algeria to the northeast. The country also has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Countries bordering Mauritania: Mali, Algeria, Senegal, Western Sahara.

Regional maps: African map

Detailed map of Mauritania

Key facts

Legal name The Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania
Capital Nouakchott
18 04N, 15 58W
The total area 1,030,700.00 km2
Land area 1,030,700.00 km2
Water area nothing
population 4,525,696

biggest city

Nouakchott (1,491,958)

currency Ounce (MRO)
gross domestic product $7.59 billion
GDP per capita $1,677.92

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