Marlin, mahi, sea bass and flounder

Written by Scott Lennox

We’ve had some thunderstorms this evening, but they should go away before long and hopefully the front will cool things down a bit. Unfortunately, Hurricane Lee is moving toward the tropics and is a very powerful storm that will affect our fishing next week in some way. Hopefully it’s just a swell from the east and not any type of drop or approach. All that has not been decided yet.

The Jacked Up crew with Captain Dean Metcalfe at the helm had a great day in the canyon releasing a blue marlin and a white marlin for their anglers.

Captain Nick Sampson and his crew at Mobsquad Sportfishing had a limit of peanut mahi today and a couple of additional tilefish.

13-year-old Tyler McPherson caught his first white marlin today while fishing aboard the private boat Tara Jessica out of Sunset Marina.

Capt. Chris Mizorak of Angler reported a tough bite today, but managed some nice flounder for some of his family.

Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had a good day with bass on today’s trip with limits of 15 fish for some.

I caught a light rail on the Saturday before mine. A piece of the southern cut is on the way. It came prettier and prettier as the day went on.

Admiral De Cornflower dropped our block at the Bergers’ reef. The poor man has been in charge of a large mahogany desk for so long that he has forgotten what summer is like at sea—or any time on the water, really. (Regional readers may have found their BS detectors a mess and know David from his many fishing exploits. He certainly hasn’t spent a single moment in the LMD “well.” You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who fishes more aggressively or in more Sometimes..)

I promise you, in fact, the Berger’s reef will become a stunning knot of temperate hard and soft corals. Sooner enough to whip the sea. Hard coral still takes some time.

I say “still” – “hard coral still takes a while.” You see, it used to take 15 years or more to get sea whips of any number on our artificial substrates. Now 6 or 7 years is enough for some of our corals. As more substrate was colonized by the sea whip, more eggs were shed to colonize new corals.

It’s unlikely I’ll live to see solid coral cover, but it’s coming.

To future generations of MD Coast Anglers – enjoy.

We enjoyed each other today. Cornflower filled a bucket full of “reef builders’ vine” – he was the first to score double figures on cbass and the first to set a limit. A number of other men were also tied up and we only lowered the anchor once all day..


There is a lot of room in the cbass show on sunday (tomorrow). Flounder trip on Monday – too much!

Mahi cruises then until next Saturday. I have absolutely no idea how Hurricane Lee would impact any of them.

We may fish all day with the swell as our only concern, or escape into the C&D Canal praying that most of the OC is still there when we can finally return..

Tropical systems, especially those that move slowly, are very difficult to predict. Currently looking great until Thursday.

The current forecast is that Hurricane Lee is just starting to impact our weather on Thursday – it’s almost a certainty that it will change!!



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