Map – Coffee and Lounge is open in Hoylake

Map – Coffee and Lounge is open in Hoylake

She met Bronwyn Turner, from Nottingham, and her husband Jimmy Turner, from Birkenhead, through working at Caribbean restaurant and bar, Turtle Bay.

The husband and wife traveled the world for several years, before having two children and settling in West Kirby.

Talking to EarthBronwyn, 32, said: “We’ve always said we want to have our own place one day.

“When we were travelling, we always said when we settled somewhere that we would open our new place that housed all our travels but we never thought it would be in the UK.

“After Covid, we were living in Crete and became pregnant with our second child. We came to the Wirral to visit family and decided we loved it and wanted to call it our home.

“The stars aligned for us and the timing was perfect.”

Opening a café…

After finding premises at The Quadrant in Hoylake, the couple decided to open their own business – Coffee and Lounge.

“The name came from our travel,” Bronwyn said.

Wirral Globe: Inland mapsIndoor maps (Image: map)

“We had to have a travel component to our business, so we had a giant wooden map of the world. Honestly, it’s breathtaking.

“The idea behind this work is to bring parts of our travels into the community.”

The map is a space where “people can come and relax and the community can come together,” Bronwyn explained.

“I’m a mom so I can see groups of mummies coming for coffee and people coming on dates or in groups.

“We also have a frame with a corkboard in it where all the staff have put pictures of their travels and I will add pictures from launch day and things like local dog walkers in the area.

“I stayed up at night and dreamed of what things would be like inside.

“We’ve already had so many lovely messages from residents who have stopped by saying how homely it feels.”

The map will serve breakfast and lunch, and every six weeks will have a themed week, with special coffee beans and foods from around the world.

They are also looking to serve cocktails in the near future.

Speaking about employees, Bronwyn explained how “important it is to hire people with big smiling faces.”

“It wasn’t about hiring people with experience, it was about their personalities,” she added.

“It was very key for me because with Jamie and I traveling a lot around the world, we took little things from all these places and the key thing when we remember places is the staff and the atmosphere.

“It’s always been number one because people make something so special.”

Map – Coffee and Lounge has opened its doors today (Tuesday 28 November) and will be open daily from 9am to 5pm, closed on Mondays.

For more information, visit here.

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